2 April 2012


You reap what you sow..the proverb is proven yet again.

I developed a habit of telling Aryan time and again that , I know whats on your mind , after all , "main tumhari maa hoon na". Now its coming back to me.

Witness these :

Aryan: Mumma bhook lagi hai
Me: Kya khana hai
Aryan: Aap socho ki main kya khao, aap bolte ho na main aapki maa hoon


Me : Aryan tell doctor how you feel when he asks you, tell where it pains
Aryan: Aap batana
Me: Aap ko batana padega , how will I know where its paining you
Aryan : Kyo aap bolte ho na mujhe sab pata hai , main aapki maa hoon ???


Moral of the story is ..you reap what you sow :P


  1. Ha ha ha! Classic :)
    I was wondering just sday if you would be changing the blog name soon and here you are :)

    Luvvv the header :)