20 June 2012

Big school madness

Aryan started going to first grade. And guess who is most hassled , swamped , worried and tired. Mumma !!

Yeah , unlike the usual , Aryan has been managing fine , more or less. I had thought he would be tired and irritated after the long school day but it doesnot seem so , for now. He does crib about writing his own diary and teacher being strict about it but thats acceptable.

However , I am finding it tough to cope up with his daily homework , weekly home work , weekly project work , weekly library books , text books and what not. With a full time job , khushi and interior work in new house , I do not feel I am doing any justice to his school tasks.
More so they have a time table too and I invariably forget to look at it.

Apart from Aryan's loss, this make me worry about what will his teacher think of me :( A careless mom :(

I need to get into the BIG school frame of mind asap. I need to make my own timetable to make sometime , dedicated time for him.

All ideas , suggestions welcome !

18 June 2012

Our Little lady

Yeah ..a post finally about our little lady only !! About all that she loves and all that she does !

The lady will soon turn 9 months old and this time has been truly blissful. She brings smile to each one of us with atmost ease. We never thought that having another kid could be so much fun actually.

She loves us to bits. Every single day she tries to swallow me. She sucks my chin and cheeks and make sounds. She pats the cheeks of her bhaiya and papa and give them kisses. She does eye to eye talk with all of us and her eyes smile.

She loves to talk. And scold. She makes all kind of noises and talk in full sentences. But we dont have anyone to translate those in a language that makes sense to us. She roars ..yeah literally roars and scolds us when we done listen. Some of her blabber can sometimes be translated to "Nai nai nai" ,"papapa" ,"aaa","mummmm" . However this can be my imagination also.

She likes to play with toys. So much unlike her brother. She is making full use of all the old and new toys. She talks to them as if they are humans. She likes balls and cars also , again unlike Aryan. (He loves car , only when he can ride on them :) )

She started crawling day before yesterday. Ofcourse she was moving from about 2 months now, first in back gear and then in front gear. But that was in caterpillar style. Now she learnt to move on her fours but she uses that skill selectively.

She has 2 small cute teeth but regardless of their size they do a real good job. She bites !! Already !! So much like her brother :P And she loves to eat spicy food. I was a fool trying to cook and give baby food to her which she would discard right away. Recently we discovered that she loves to eat normal home cooked meals. She loved aalo ki subzi yesterday and spicy upma with garam masala today :)

She is full ghummakad ..one who likes to roam around. The moment you dress her up and put her in stroller ..she is all smiles. Adorable to bits :)  TOUCH WOOD!!

And she is happy with the crowds :) AGAIN TOUCH WOOD! Recently we had our house warming and the house was full of people of all sizes. Before everyone came I was quite worried about how she would manage the hussle. But she was the sweetest angel. "Blessed" was my feeling.

She is becoming super duper naughty. She makes sure no one sleeps when she is around and nor will she sleep. She can climb up my body on her knees and tries to jump off the bed ..making me sit up and play with her and then she repeats the stunt with her dad. And she is most active when we are most sleepy.

She loves her brother until he is not in my lap. Yeah , she already knows how to claim her property :)

She loves wires. She has already pulled down my portable music system. She tries to pull off mobile and laptop chargers. She thinks that wires make excellent teethers

Electronics ..kids of her age are increasingly becoming techy ..they know how to pull out laptop keys. How to talk on mobile phones. How to operate TV remote. How to switch on electronic toys. And I feel so technically challenged in front of her :)

Bathing is all time favourite but she likes minimal clothing :) And anyways she is adorable with whatever she wears. She already has a good collection of hair pins but neverthless nothing stays on her hair. Firstly the hair are silky and secondly she is naughty :)

She prefers daylaight outings. Happier to see sky and greens and moving cars than lights.

She loves GREEN. I do not know if kids at this age can actually show colour preference or its just me. She prefers green stuff. Seen this with all her toys.

Thats all for now ppl ...see you with more Khushism soon !!

4 June 2012

Latest in our world..

Mumma is lazy to blog ..well ..thats not latest .. :P

The latest is

Khushi learnt to drag her self in all the directions and can travel through the hall ..slowly ofcourse. This cannot be really called a baby's crawl ..may be its a the way a cater pillar crawls ..may be we should get this patented :P

Aryan's first baby tooth is about to give way for an adult one and Aryan is maha thrilled. Whoever will visit our house now will have to see a "Toothy show" where he will showcase the new development to you :P

Khushi is getting naughtier than ever. She nows tries to slide down from her stroller , after rolling on her tummy. She tries to sit up in her cradle..not yet though.

Aryan will start his Class I on wednesday and we purchased a strolley school bag with a spider man on it. Needless to say it was super expensive but he promises to use it for atleast 2 years.
Well , not sure that will happen though. I just asked him to use last year's school bag for 2 weeks , since I have been keeping very busy and I told that we would buy a new one after 2 weeks. And I got a emotional blackmail , you want my friends to laugh at me , saying I still have a small kiddy bag :P

More later ..like they say ..something is better than nothing :)