29 October 2009

A Brotherly pose

thats on 17th October 2009. And they are dressed for deepawali puja.
Hope you all had a nice time on deepawali !

13 October 2009

School Trip , GP day and More

The trip did happen on same day and Aryan chose not to share details.

We happened to meet his teacher when we went to school on this saturday(to deposit fees) and she told me that the trip did happen.

Later when I showed him THE supermarket and asked if he came here with ma'am , he said "yes" :P .

Further I asked what did he see here and he told "deo papa jaisa" and "lollypop"

Uff these kids na , I was almost wanting to talk to the school about not informing us about the cancellation !!

Also , Shruti reminded me that I forgot to post about Grand Parents day , so here is an update :

Grand parents day was sometime in September , I guess 10th September and none of his GP were here. The school told you can send elderly people with whom the child is attached but we had no one here.

I thought that he would be disturbed not to find anyone from his family and so suggested that we will not send him school.

Husband on the other hand suggested that he should. And so he went.

He came back usual and when I asked what happened during the day , he told me :

"New dadu-dadi aaya tha, two two"

LOL !! "two-two" means more than one !

I did tell this to his grandparents and we all had a good laugh!

And now I leave you with some pics clicked on saturday :

Enjoy and have a great diwali , See you after 28th Oct !

8 October 2009

Trip to Supermarket

Just for record, Aryan went for his first school trip today , to a near by super market. Waiting to meet him and hear what he says !

Editted to Add : Looks like the trip got cancelled :( Aryan told me " Ma'am Subjiwala nahi le gayi" (Subjiwala is Supermarket in Aryan's lingo)

Read the update here !

5 October 2009

Aryan with his Bhaiya !

Anirudh trying to make Aryan Smile !

Success !

Hi Chachi!

Happily dancing !

Naughty and excited!

Juice Break!


Aryan Clicks Bhaiya ji

Chachu beta !

Relax !