18 June 2008

Quirky or Cute ?

1. He cannot see Mummy or papa barefoot. He runs to get slippers for us. One day, he woke up at midnight due to cough. So while he was awake, he started crying because I was standing barefoot :-P.

2. He feels that the cook needs all the vessels in the house for cooking and keep giving him one after the other.

3. He thinks that only Nanu(My father) calls me on my phone , so if its my phone , he needs to talk to Nanu.

4. He loves his shoes and so if you wish to remove his pants , do it without removing the shoes.

5. If Mumma opens the window in the car , papa should follow and vice versa. And why can the AC be not on , with glasses down.

6. He calls me papa at times.

7. Whenever he sees a Auto Ricshaw on the road, he says "auto" and continue repeating till I say "Yes Auto". Now considering the amount of autos on Bangalore roads , you can imagine the situation.

8. When in bedroom, he hears every auto going on the road , he shouts "AUTO".

9. When Anupam goes to bath, he stands at the door , with his own towel and knocks and says "TOWEL"

10. When he brushes, he imitates the sounds Anupam makes while cleaning his tongue.


  1. This is a cute list. Amazing, how particular he is about your wearing slippers. Does he ever walk barefeet, is it possible at all?!
    I guess, it is a bit strenuous for you sometimes, but you will laugh at them once these times are over. :)

  2. So cute. Krish is still like that. Watching Jurassic Park. Mamma whered dinosaur, where d dinosaur one million times till I get the scotchtape out to tape his mouth shut.

  3. he is too cute!! :D

    auto!! :p


  4. LOL :)
    Aryan sure has a sense of humor.
    About loving his shoes, its the same here. The shoe rack is the most interesting place in the house for KT. And, she insists on wearing my sandals all the time.

  5. 1. Ditto
    2. Almost - mine wants to start cooking too, so I need to offer him a few vessels
    3. n/a
    4. Nope (thx God), but he knows when one of us is leaving and wants to wear his shoes too
    5. Ditto
    6. Nope
    7. Ditto - except here it is Truck
    8. Ditto - its the neighbors bike or plane
    9. Ditto (except for towel part) mine just shouts till we are out
    10. ha ha Ditto

    7/10 Boys will be boys eh! :)

  6. Such a cute list of things. You'll love reading this a few years from now.

  7. hi.. its my first time here. Dropped in from K3's blog.

    Little Aryan is a smart and handsome little guy. Looks like my kiddo also does some of the cute stuff Aryan does.

    But its real fun watching them.

    Will visit again.

    TAke care...

  8. Very cute! I love the way he offers his dad the towel - thoughtful fellow, this little cutie. :)

    Good to read posts that make me go nostalgic :))

  10. very cute:).My son is similar to urs atleast the auto part, its exactly the same. I saw my son in urs.