26 December 2008

Play Doh Fun!

Here is Aryan and Mumma with the best of their creativity..the last one is all by Aryan alone :-D

16 December 2008

Big Brotherhood

Long back I told you that Aryan is a big brother now. He has got a cousin younger to him, thats my brother's son Tejas. So an update on big brotherhood.

He was so amused to see a small baby. He did not know what to do with the baby and he kept on looking at the baby with love and amusement. Then they both holded hands and aryan kissed his hands. The little one also enjoyed the importance , especially from his elder bro! Its so lovely how Aryan addresses him as "Chota baby".

Whats getting funny these days is when he sees a small baby's pic on my computer screen saver , he doesnot understand if thats Tejas or himself. So the same pic is addressed as Aryan and Tejas at different times.

Some pics from October , when Aryan met Tejas :

"Mumma,See Choooota sa baby"

" Small small hands"


"Pucha :-)"

8 December 2008

Is this justice ?

Aryan is going through a phase when he just wants things to be done in his own way and he becomes VERY VERY aggressive when when we say NO or scold him for something. Its becoming increasingly difficult for us to handle him. This saturday was one of those bad days when he was too excited and which means he was misbehaving way too much and I was angry and irritated.

So during the day we had many sessions , when I told him that I am angry and I won't talk to him and he came and said sorry and then repeated the same old stuff. Once he got too angry to bang a toy on my head and got a slap from his papa.

But this post is not about his behaviour but what happened after that.

His nanu called up and he came running to talk to nanu. He spoke continously to him for 15 minutes(he never speaks more than 2-3 minutes usually) in a low tone and when I asked phone he did not give me but cut it. So nanu called again and he spoke again for 5 mins and said okay bye and cut the phone.

I knew he was telling about day's events but did not know what was my papa speaking from other side.

So later in the night I called him up (since we were not able to speak) and he told me that Aryan told him that we scolded him and hit him. And when he asked Aryan , "Swati hai , Anupam hai" , he told that , "Dono hai , baat nahi karni".

And after that we got good scolding for scolding and hitting him.

So the other side of story was not even heard :( You tell me , is this court not biased ?