29 September 2008

Titbits about Talking

I am back in office today after a bad bad week of Aryan being unwell. He looked fine today though appetite is almost nil. Lets us see how he recovers.

As of now some titbits about him talking. These days he tries to say all the words but nothing sounds like it should :D

1. As we all know about his love for cooking , these days he cooks in his OOKER (Cooker) , makes mumma taste , Mumma tells him that MNAK(Namak aka salt) is less and so some virtual salt is added to make the food YUMMY!

2. When papa mumma doesnot listen to Aryan's calls , he comes holds our hand and says "Papa getup!" , "Mumma getup!"

3. He loves haldirams khata meetha mixture and asks for it like "ATA EETA".

4. He says Happy Birthday to his toys like "HAPPY TO YOU!"

5. He says I LOVE YOU to his mumma like "I LUU U"

6. When he hits , bites or pinches and Mumma tells him , "NO HITTING,NO PINCHING, NO BITING" , he tells mumma "ARYAN BAHAR" , so he knows that the punishment is timeout in balcony with door closed (I did only once for 40 secs) and then immediately starts kissing mumma. Sometimes he bites me and tells "ARYAN KAATA"

7. You also know how much he loves washing clothes. So past week , with he being at home he wanted to wash clothes every day and since Mumma used to tell him no , he used to approach papa , "PAPA PACHIN" ," PAPA ACHHING PACHIN" (Papa Washing Machine). Papa would melt instantly , with Aryan being unwell and I do not know if two of them washed some washed clothes also ..LOL :D

Few more words that bring smiles are :

Andal : Sandal

Aupum : Anupam

Aati : Swati

Uuma : Ghumma (going for outing)

Uuaah : Muaah (he tells how older kids kiss him in day care)

There have to be many more but I cannot recall. Let me work now , as I am back after almost a week. Enough for the post anyways :-)

23 September 2008

I Hate September

September has always been a bad month in Aryan's Kingdom. Last year also Aryan was unwell every alternate week in the month of september and this year also its no different.

He has been having cough , cold , fever and now diarrohea all these days , every once in a while.

So if you wonder why is there no news on Aryan times , please bear with us. These days we cannot think beyond nebulization and smells of medicines.

11 September 2008

Ek Good News hai...

Hello All,

Ek good news hai...Main Bada Bhaiya ban gaya hoon ...BIG BROTHER !!

Ab koi mujhe CHOTU nahi bolega ..hurray !!

Areee nahii...Mumma baby nahi layi ..Mami layi ..ek new baby boy ..cute sa :)

Mami nahi samjhte ...offo ..Mumma's brother's wife ..okay !

So maine aur sabne mil ke ..mere naye bhai ka naam rakha hai .."Tejas"..acha hai na..

Vaise Mumma usko "Guruji" bolti hai ...kyoki woh teachers day(5th Sep) ko aaya na isliye..

Papa usko "Teja" bolte hai ...Bollywood ishtyle :D

Mamu usko "CHOTU" bolte hai ...HURRAYY !!

Nanu - Nani as usual usko bhi "Bhaiya" bolte hai ..but Bhaiya toh main hoon na ???

Maine usse Baby bolunga ...baby bhi acha naam hai na ???

PHOTO ..Haan hai ..but mumma ne bola main maami se poochke hi aap logo ko dikha sakta hoon ..aur abhi maine maami se nahi poocha ...so no photo for now :)

9 September 2008

I love you for ..

The way you make a dent on our cheeks with you index finger , each time you wish to implant a kiss.

The way you came and patted my cheeks every now and then , when I was unwell last week. And some times slapped in anger too , for not getting up to play with you.

The way you say an unexpected "thank you" when I do a tiny winy thing for you or sometimes even when I kiss you.

The way you keep on kissing me , till I say thank you and remind me to say , if I forget.

The way you dance to see me in the evening when you reach home earlier than I do.

The way you lie down between me and you papa and demands to do a 1-2-3 kiss (where mumma papa kiss the baby together at 3)

The way you cry when I dont cover myself , yes MYSELF with a blanket at night or when I don't wear slippers.

The way you turn side as soon as I cover you with a blanket , even if you are in your deepest sleeps.

The way you hold your cheeks in your left hand to open your mouth for the spoon of medicine when you are unwell. The way you think that thats the only way medicine spoon goes in!

The way you play in water and giggle.

The way you still remember when and where did I get hurt and remind me each time when I reach the spot , "Mumma Chot".

The way you ask me about each of your loved ones and precious things before bedtime and don't sleep till I tell you that all of them have slept.

The way you "SHOW OFF" all your toys and ishtyles to your Nanu-Nani and Dadu-Dadi over the phone , thinking that they can see all.

The way you tell Nanu , "Godi.." and say "B-Bye Mumma , B-Bye Papa" , thinking that you can go to Nanu's lap through phone.

The way you walk in the balcony with phone in your hand , immitating papa's style.

...all this and all the rest too!