7 September 2009

BABY ...WHO ????

Of love and of habit , I call Aryan as "baby" at times. In the past week it happened twice, something that left me stunned.

When I called him "baby" he giggled like I cracked a joke and said , "I not baby , I Aryan , Tejas baby" :O

What has happened to my baby suddenly ??? Grown up ??


  1. Nt a baby anymore??? I wanna c him before he grows into a big boy then :P

  2. Aww.... I still call Ansh a baby at 5. Why do they grow up on us so soon?

  3. Ohhhhhhhh we have a big boy in our midst now?? How sweet of him to clarify where he stands in the age-appropriate pet-names chart !!
    My son now tells me 'I am a small-Big boy' and the small and big are used advantageously as per the situation at hand !!!
    I love how they reason and come up with such funny but true lines !!

  4. anush is Big baby now that the next one is on its way

  5. I say 'baby' once in a while too...I think she still likes it...she cuddles when I say that..

  6. @Swaram : So you are coming on friday ..right ?

    @Monika : I wonder why ? I will miss these days

  7. @Neelum : "Small-Big" Boy is just so cute !

    @Art : Thankfully she allows you to call her "Baby" , be it "Big"

  8. @~nm : :-)

    @Uma : Lets see till when , Aryan got it just so suddenly !!

  9. He is growing yaar ....the other day i told Aryan, do you want diaper, he is saying...no only babies wear, not boys....