24 December 2007

Aryan Cooks Stuffed Tomatoes

One day I ordered some tomatoes from neighborhood shop and as the guy delivered , I emptied the bag of tomatoes in a kadai for time being , before putting them to fridge. And it was whole lot of fun for Aryan. We soon had tomatoes all over the drawing room and he dragged the kadai in entire house.

New Bedtime Schedule

Aryan has a new bedtime schedule now. He has a book of animals and he makes sure to see his favourite Cat , Horse , Dog , Lion and Panda. He would invariably place his finger on each of these and insist you to tell whats that. And yes he has learnt to roar and to bark :-)

So after we are done with talking to all the animals , its time to sleep now.

21 December 2007

13 December 2007

Now you know, what kind of mom I am !

Aryan washes his own wollens.

What to do , if he does not sleep ?

Mumma : "Aao beta , soyenge."
Aryan pays no attention.

Mumma : "Chalo ..Aryan thak gaya hai na , subah khelenge."
Pulls him to sleep next to Mumma.
Aryan finds an escape.

Mumma : "Ok then Mumma is sleeping alone.Aaaaa,aaaaa,aaaaa"
Mumma pats at her own forehead.
Aryan comes and lies down next to Mumma , Pulls Mumma's hand to his forehead.

Aryan : "Aaaaaa,aaaaa,aaaa"
Mumma : "Aaaaaa,aaaaa,aaaa"

11 December 2007

Diwali Vacation :Fun at Taiji-Tauji's place

Phone Mania

He was always fascinated with phones but recently he has developed PHONE MANIA. It goes as follows :

At the sight of a mobile phone , he shouts ..which means he wants that.
On holding the phone , he dials something and then, he climbs over his Mumma/ Papa (whoever is the easier target at the moment) and puts the phone on his/her ear. Now what .."TALK". We are supposed to talk to someone ...what if he can't tell the person's name , Mumma/Papa is supposed to know.

So we are supposed to pose as Aryan and talk on his behalf to his "Dadi" ,"Nani" ,"Dadu", "Nanu","Mamu" ,"Taiji" or Bhaiya".

If we are not lucky enough to guess who the desired listener is , in first attemt , Aryan takes the phone away, dials another number and the process is repeated again ...till we are able to guess , who does he wants to talk.

And for the record , Dadi , Nanu and Bhaiya(cousin bro) are most prefered at the listener end these days.

Diwali Vacation :Mama - Bhanja Moments

We went home for Diwali vacation recently and Aryan had whole lot of fun. So let me begin with some fond moments back home.

Aryan had lot of fun with his Mamu(My brother),which includes a race on their fours. I do not have the race video now , but here are some other pics.

7 December 2007

Sorry Baby !

Dear Aryan , I know I have been a busy and lazy mom for all these months ...I seriously apologize sweety..I should have written so many so many things about you ...But I promise I would try to be regular now ..

But now I do not know where to start from .... *scratching my head*..(as always ..)