23 January 2013

Aaaaa aaa

Khushi has 2 small soft toys Ducky Lucky and Baby (Pooh Bear). She loves to pat them to sleep. She will hold them on her lap or upright on her shoulder and pat them to sleep ..saying aaaaa aaa.

Interestingly when I want to put her to sleep and she is active and playing , I simply start putting her ducky lucky and baby to sleep. She then comes running and claims her right. On her mom and not on the babies :-) The babies are thrown away and she lies next to me.

And when she is sleepy but has too much to play then she just keeps walking around patting her chest and saying aaaa. Who says you cannot sleep while playing :)

22 January 2013


Its been long since I wrote a proper update on Khushi. I have not even done a proper birthday post for her. So let me see how much I can write in this post.

We celebrated her birthday in October and did a rainbow theme party at home with kids from the apartment. It was mostly Aryan's friends ,their younger siblings and a few mom. Dress code was rainbow colours. The party went well and kids had a blast. Khushi behaved like and angel and was not scared by the crowd. Which I think was a big achievement.

Post her birthday , we started her day care and her grandparents left. She pretty much adjusted in the day care without much fuss. Ofcourse she cries when I say bye to her but she smiles and cuddles with me when I pick her and blows kisses to the day care ladies. So more or less I think she is fine there.

She was naughty and is naughty :) She literally keeps us on our toes. I sincerely think every single day why I made so many drawers in my new house and how to keep the stuff now without using the drawers. She empties her UG drawer , she empties all kitchen pull outs , she has pulled out some crocery and thrown it twice, she has played with sanitary pads , she has painted herself brown with my lipstick , she has torn Aryan's books , she has done drawing on the walls. Ofcourse the fault is mine and not hers :-)

She is messy to the core. She loves playing with her poo and has had a million accidents , to the extent that once it was almost in her mouth , thankfully I noticed just in time.

She is a super fussy eater. If she doesnot want (which is mostly) you can not do anything to make her eat. This worries me all the time cause she is skiny. And no its not a motherly exxageration. I was never ever so worried for Aryan.

She started walking as soon as she completed 13 months. And that means she can now stand on her toes to switch on the fan and pull the stuff off the dining table.
She recently started talking and picked a few words.
Daaa di
br (bird)
caaa (car)
That is her current vocabulary. But papa is what she calls with such sweetness :-)
Most of the time otherwise she shouts.

Ofcourse there is a LOT more to write but thats for another time. Will be back with more :-)

17 January 2013

Khushi's Birthday

Princess and her cook

Long long ago there used to be princess. The princess was such a picky eater. She never used to like any food. She will keep the food in her mouth , chew it for few seconds and then spit that out. The cook used to cook various foods to please the princess but nothing worked. The princess was fed up with her cook. She would get excited at the sight of food and come running to taste it. But then it was never good enough for her and she HAD to spit.

That princess in born again in our house hold and the cook as well. Khushi and her Mumma :P