26 February 2008

Aryan Mobile

What does Aryan do when mobile rings ??

If its Papa's mobile , he shouts and runs to hand it over to papa.

It its Mumma's ,he fiddles to switch it on , coz he knows that most probably that would be Nanu and he would have called to talk to Aryan.

What does Aryan do when mobile does not rings ??

He comes to Mumma with her mobile and explains that he wants to talk to Nanu.

And How do you think he talks ??

He walks everywhere with mobile on loud speaker , smiles at whatever Nanu says , sometimes laughs , sometimes talk gibberish and sometimes responds by telling his name , nosy and doing "Hare Rama" and "Aryan Kitna bada".

Note : Now Aryan's chat with Nanu has become a daily routine. Usually Nanu would call else Aryan will.
Aryan's Nanu is demanding Mumma to give away her phone to Aryan :(

As You Say BOSS!!

Yesterday evening the entire family in Aryan's household was reading books before bedtime. There were three books , one book of fruits and two books of animals.

All was going great and Aryan was happy with his Bhau Bhau , Lion and Cow in animal books and Appaae (Apple) in the fruits book. When suddenly he saw a Apple in animal book. He pointed and said "Appae". Mumma told that this is not Apple Aryan, its a ladybug. But Aryan insisted its an Apple. Mumma told again its a bug. NOW , Aryan got angry and bites Mumma ..and after Mumma recovered from the shock , he again tries to explain that its and Apple. What a dumb Mumma is , she doesnot understand even now. Now Aryan has to cry and shout with is finger on the Bug..err..Apple.

Finally Mumma distracted him to something else ..but the LADYBUG still remains a APPLE. Why could Mumma not understand that RED and ROUND means APPLE. Why does she argue ?

19 February 2008

Make Your Guess ?

1. Guess where did I find my mobile today morning ???
2. Guess where did I find those lost spoons and bowls this sunday ???

3 What did I find in the Pressure Cooker ?

Hey Girls ..I must say all you made nice efforts ..but sorry you could not make it. Here comes the Answers :

Mobile phone inside the fold of the Pram in the store room ...Had the Battery died , I would have never found that.

Spoons and Bowls in the old paper basket , found when I was disposing them off :-)

And ..HIS SHOE in the pressure cooker :D

17 February 2008

15 February 2008

Sweet little things

>>When I rush around the house barefoot , Aryan comes running with both my slippers, one in each hand :-) I just get so awed.

>>When the cook leaves the house after he finishes cooking. Aryan comes running , asks me to take him in my lap. Points out at each vessel one by one , from cooker , to pan, to casserole.I am supposed to open the pointed vessel and show him what has been cooked. After seeing the chapatis at the last , I am given a nice toothy smile , as if saying .."ok , inspection complete , food looks good." Thats a different story that he has stopped having any vegetables at dinner time.

>>When he gets a empty washed cooker , he carries it out of the kitchen. Sit in the living room and tries to close it.When the lid goes inside , its such a success smile. He is still struggling to learn to get it out of the cooker though.

>>When he is in my lap while I cook and I place a vessel on gas. He bents down to check if the fire is on or not. If not , I am adviced to lit the fire.

>>When he wants to sit on the swing and Anupam is ready to do the honours , he just refuses. Mumma has to put him to swing and help him in swinging and Mumma gets flying kisses in return.

>>When he wants to do potty , he goes and drags his potty seat to me, what more can I ask for :-) He also manages to move the seat to desired positions , while he is sitting.

>>When he sees his father , getting closer to his mother , he immediately rushes to ascertain his ownership. When on bed , he rolls over in between to ensure enough distance is maintained :D

>>When I am feeding him , I make him sit on high chair and give him some food in a separate bowl , with a spoon. He manages to eat 1-2 bites himself while I continue to feed simultaneously. So at times ,when I am busy feeding him , he feeds me simultaneously with his spoon. I feel so loved :-)

>>When he sees a spoon he just wants to hold it. He wishes to use a spoon for everything, be it bread or chapati. Yesterday I was fed with a full bowl of curd by him :-) Don't ask me how much was on floor though :D

11 February 2008

Aryan meets Anirudh

Aryan gets to meet Anirudh in his Mama's wedding and they had a blast. Anirudh acted like a BIG BROTHER , feeding Aryan with ice cream. They both played a lot with the rope which tied two pillars of the tent.It was so much fun , seeing them playing together.

My Little Watchman

Aryan borrowed the bamboo from a watchman and started doing the duty himself. How can he take chances in Mama's Lagun Ceremony :-D

8 February 2008

God Bless You!

My friend Aryan has sent me some lovely flowers and blessings. Thank you so much dear. I love flowers like my mom does. Now I pass on this lovely gift to some more friends :

First of All, Anirudh Bhaiya : I love him and his company. And I miss him a lot whenever we are back from Delhi.

Kodi Bhaiya : He is sweet and naughty. I love hearing his talks from my Mom.

Abhay Bhaiya : He is so witty that he leaves me and my mom surprised so many times.

M and N Didi : You thought I would forget my sisters and tag only brothers ??? My creative little sisters waiting to hear from you since long.