21 April 2008

Flashback at 100

I just realized that this is going to be my 100th post and so I thought of stopping by and taking a look back.

Its almost an year when I started this blog , to write all about my little son , things that I was sure I will forget sooner or later , things that I never would like to forget. Things that I think Aryan would love to know. Like, I would have definitely loved if I knew what was my first favourite toy , I am happy that Aryan would know that it was HUMPTY.

When I re-read all my posts ,I realized that I have already started forgetting so much, like how did Aryan expressed his happiness when he was 10 months old and how has his expressions of love have changed from then to now.

I got nostalgic reading how he learnt to play with Papa and to trouble Mumma in the most innovative ways.

I recalled how I got emotional and even wrote a letter to my baby , who may read it some day and laugh and his old emotional Mumma. But anything for this sweet smile , sweetheart.

The blog world enabled me to write certain things which I may not have recorded otherwise. Thanks to the blogger that I will be able to tell my son , when he learnt to say his name.

Today, I feel it has been a wonderful experience to write and read all over again these 100 posts and that I would love to read them again every year and remember every tiny detail of my little one's growing up and learning new things.

And yes , HAPPY 21st Monthesary to ARYAN !!!!


  1. Cheers to many more such 100s!!

  2. Wonderful, I hope you continue writing more. I have been blogging for 3 years and sometimes go back and read my archives. Walk down the memory lane :)

  3. Congratulations on the century!

  4. congrats!!! thats a sweet and nostalgic way to celebrate 100!

  5. You too ???? Congrats!! Now, I need to speed up and hit that marker soon. Am at 60 something now.. I think..

    Liked the way you summarised the posts you liked. I read couple of them just now, that I hadn't read before.

  6. Cheers. I do love this aspect of blogs that you can go backwards and forwards, looking at your kids at different stages. And somehow now for me, it's easier to type than to write in a diary.

    What will be wonderful many years in the future is that Aryan will have this record of what all he did at each stage!

    Congrats on your 100th!

  7. :)

    so so true!! lovely lovely post!! kids change so fast and we do forget those l'il things that made us smile or pull out our hair in frustration!!

    when i was reading my old post before kabir (then bumpy) was born, about his kicks etc, i thot i dont remember ANY of it!! glad to have put it down somewhere!! :)

    and belated happy 21st to Aryan!!


  8. yup yip!

    would love to join!!

    tho me have no recipes!! will get all of them!! hehe!

  9. Congrats on the nostalgic 100 and Aryan's 21st Monthesary (thats a cute term :) Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Would be lovely to exchange notes with you :) Hugs to Aryan