30 April 2010

Yesterday night..

He took my hand into his and wrapped it around his body and hugged it tight and said "Yeh mera mumma hai , mera friend" and kissed my hand.

28 April 2010

Kal bhi nahi

So yesterday it was 1 phrase that dominated all the talks we had. Some examples :

Aryan : "Mumma mujhe bread khana hai"

Mumma : "Aryan ab roti khayenge"

Aryan : "Nahi mumma , mujhe bread acha lagta hai , maine kal bhi nahi khaya na bread!"

Aryan : "Papa aap TV dekho"

Papa : "Nahi Aryan , I am done"

Aryan : "Nahi Papa , aapne kal bhi TV nahi dekha na!"

Aryan : "Mumma book padenge"

Mumma : "Thodi daer baad"

Aryan : "Nahi Mumma , maine kal bhi book nahi pada na"

27 April 2010

Yeh Kaun laya ?

"Yeh kaun laya ?" is the latest question on his mind for each and EVERY THING. For eg.

"Mumma, wall kaun laya ?"
"fan kaun laya ? , Aur AC ?"
"Yeh Tshirt kaun laya ?"
"Tub kaun laya ? , Aur soap , aur bathroom ?"

So you get the zing , don't you ? We try to be sane and reply to these questions to perfection as much as possible. But there are things that we don't really remember that who actually bought those but he won't leave us without an answer and so we say "Mumma laya" or "Papa laya" just to close the topic.

So this weekend it happened like that :

Aryan : "Mumma Aryan soap kaun laya"
Mumma : "ummm..Mumma laya"
Aryan : "Nahi maine papa se poocha , papa ne bola , papa laya"
Mumma : (ufff...He is cross verifying also :P) "Haan , Mumma aur Papa dono laya"
Aryan : "Aur main ? Main bhi laya ?"
Mumma : (thinking , let me tease him ;-) ) "Nahi , Aryan nahi laya , Mumma aur Papa gaye the"
Aryan : " Nahi Mumma , Aryan bhi gaya tha , aapko pata hai , main aapki godi mein tha"

Now how to reply that ???

Golden words..

"Mujhe school jana hai , mujhe school acha lagta hai"

I hope he holds on the feeling till June 9th :-)

23 April 2010

Papa's AA

Every morning when Papa gets ready, Aryan asks him , "Papa kaun sa shoes" (which shoes you want to wear?) and runs to get those. Then while papa is wearing his shoes he runs to get Papa's Icard and car keys and hands them over to Papa. And then he goes hunting Papa's mobile and asks "mobile liya ?"

With such a efficient administrative assistant, how can Papa forget anything ?
I am sure Anupam is happy that atleast his son does all that his wife never did for him.

20 April 2010

Never call him a big boy

Never call him a big boy because if he is big ..he should be able to drive Papa's car with KEYS !!

Yeah , Aryan has a one point agenda these days ..to become big..since when is as big as papa he will be able to drive papa's car , WITH KEYS.

Papa does allow him to sit of driving seat and play with the stearing when the car is safely parked ..so he does drives the car ..but papa never give him keys to drive the car.

So on rare occasions when he eats his veggies , he stands on his toes with hands held high and asks if he has become big.

When he is with younger kids , he asks me to notice that he is big..like he stood next to Poppin's SweetPea (who is not even 2) and told me that mumma see I am big.

Last night there was a small lizard in the house and he was scared like anything when I told him that big boys are not scared with lizards , cockroaches and fire flies , like papa is not. And so he got thinking and checking all over again if he was big.

And Mumma can never tell him that he is a big boy now , because the moment mumma says "Aryan you are a big boy: , Aryan says "Main big ho gaya hoon na , toh main papa car chalonga , keys se "

14 April 2010

Who will sleep where ?

Yesterday at bed time :

Mumma : "Aryan aap apne room mein ninna karoge"

Aryan : "Nahi"

Mumma : "Kyo"

Aryan : "Phir mujhe darr lagega"

Mumma : "Kyo , darr kyo lagega , wahan aapka mickey mouse hai , doll hai , aapka painting hai"

Aryan Listening

Mumma : "Main pooh bear wala bedsheet bicha deti hoon aapke liye"

Aryan : "Kyo"

Mumma : "Phir pooh bear aapke saath soyega na , toh darr nahi lagega"

Aryan : "Nahi , mujhe mumma paas sona hai"

Mumma quiet for few minutes. Suddenly a bulb lights and Mumma recalls ~nm's talks to Anirudh. So she strikes a conversation on similiar note.

Mumma : "Aapko small baby lana hai na , phir baby kahan soyega"

Aryan : (Patting at where his dad sleeps) "yahan"

Mumma : "Phir Papa kahan soyenge"

Aryan : "Papa apna pillow leke , Us room mein"

Mumma : (Thinking that this conversation would end exactly like ~nm's and Anirudh's) "Phir dadu dadi aayenge toh woh kahan soyenge?"

Aryan : "Dadu big room mein bed par soyenge, dadi apna pillow leke sofa pe soyengi"

(We have a diwan in living room)

But Mumma was wrong , he is one step ahead of his cousin, who atleast thought dadi dadu can sleep with papa in the other room (since papa is their betu! ). My son has moved dadi to sofa altogether. I wonder how dadi would react to the news :-)

Jab main bada ho jaonga..

Yesterday at bedtime :

Aryan :"Mumma , jab main bada ho jaonga , main papa car mein office jaonga , laptop le ke"

Mumma : "okay"

Aryan : "Papa right side mein baithenge , aap peeche baithna"

Mumma :"okay"

Aryan : "Papa office jayenge, phir main aap ko ghumma leke jaonga"

Mumma : "okay :D" (Hugs him tight and showers with kisses)


Mumma : "Aryan aapko pata hai aunty ke tummy mein baby hai"

Aryan (confused , touching aunty's tummy): "Kahan"

Mumma : "Tummy mein, thode din baad bahar aayega"

Aryan : "Mumma aap bhi tummy mein baby lagana ..theek hai"

Already buying me gifts :)

Yesterday night at bedtime "Mumma main aapke liye Papa car laonga aur keys bhi , theek hai , phir aap bhi Sanika ki mumma jaise car chalana..theek hai "

He wants to buy me a car like his dad's , with keys ofcourse , so that I can also drive car like other moms :)

12 April 2010

And we get crafty again!

Holidays means fun and crafts and paintings..so we made the following :

Caterpillar ..though it doesnot look like one and I could not find anything to make tentacles

Lady bug puppet - which hardly looks like lady bug though ..but it was 100% painted by the prince and so I have no complaints.
Paper Mache Musical Maracas - for Shruti ! Only because of her I tried hands on this.

An old ice cream container used as the base.
I have put some channa in it for the sound.
The handle is of rolled paper.
The ready structure was then dipped in paper mache paste.
And we then rolled it over on pieces of news paper.
Finally it was dipped again in paper mache paste.
We finally had a colourful Musical Maracas.

I wanted to make 2 but Aryan lost patience and so the other one was left like that.

Idea courtsey : google bhaiya as always. I cannot get so innovative myself :D

5 April 2010

Holidays have started ..The Proof

We did first of the kinds ..plaster of paris crafts. These fridge magnets were painted by Aryan all by himself :-)

And I am sure you can see the other camera in the pic , thats him clicking his creations :)