29 September 2009

Ek 'Snan' aisa bhi

If someone plans to write a book with title "1001 ways to bath" or "Ek 'Snan' aisa bhi" , then this might help!

16 September 2009

Role Play

Role play is a favourite game at this age. Till now it was only limited to humans.

Like Aryan playing papa and Mumma playing mumma and Aryan's car playing papa's car and we go and buy veggies from uncle (invisible) who sits on ironing table selling vegetables.

Or like Mumma playing A and Aryan playing B kids of the day care.

But these days its different.

It goes like this :

"Mumma , I cockroach , You lizard"

I wonder whats next !!

14 September 2009

A child's Enthusiasm!

On Sunday night , I woke up around 3 / 4 AM with Aryan's kick on my tummy. There was no power (and generator was not switched on ..wonder why ) , so night lamp was not on. It was raining heavily outside. Aryan was twisting and turning.

He : "Mumma , Rain Rain".
I : "yes".
He : "Umbrella"
I : "No Aryan its night , sleep"

He keeps quiet and kept turning sides. Kept banging his hand /leg /whatever on whatever parts of my body , just to make sure I don't sleep. I kept telling him to sleep.

It seemed like an hour or more , I kept trying to make him sleep in all possible ways , hugging , cuddling , patting , showing off that I slept but nothing worked.

I : "Aryan , Are you Hungry ?"
He : "No"
I : "Want Milk"
He : "No"
I : Want to Pee"
He : "No"
I : "Tummy mein pain hai"
He : "No"
I : "Then why dont you sleep"
He : "Rain Rain"
I : "Yeah , but thats outside , sleep please"

No luck. It was 6 in the morning and the alarm rang. Then the maid knocked. I opened the door. Aryan is wide awake , happily sitting. I am visually pissed off and sleep deprived. Husband wakes up and I had a out burst ,"Its been 3 hours , he is not sleeping ....."

And now its husband's turn to take care of him and I went off for a power nap of 30 minutes.

I woke up after 30 minutes and I see Aryan is sleeping peacefully.

I asked hubby , "What did you do , I tried everything"
Hubby : "Nothing , he was excited about the rain and wanted to see rain "
I : "Ya , I know at midnight"
Hubby : "So I took him in the balcony , he stood there with his umbrella for 5 minutes watching the rain , then I asked him to come inside and he came and cuddled with me and slept in 2 seconds"
I : "OMG"
Hubby : "Thats known as a child's enthusiasm. He was not sleeping in excitement"

8 September 2009

Dream ..was it ?

I almost forgot to blog this , thankfully I read this just now on Trish's blog.

Over the weekend , Aryan woke and told me , "Mumma fall down , auto mein" , "Mumma lag gayi, yahan(pointing his arm)", "auto and bike fall down".

I told him , no Aryan mumma did not fall down and mumma is alright but he repeated the same again. So I asked him , if he saw this when he was sleeping and he said "yes" !

He remembered this all through the day and repeated the same in the evening too !

I wonder if that was a dream or his imagination ? Did he see an auto and bike accident somewhere and related that to me , since he has seen me travelling in autos sometimes ?

7 September 2009

BABY ...WHO ????

Of love and of habit , I call Aryan as "baby" at times. In the past week it happened twice, something that left me stunned.

When I called him "baby" he giggled like I cracked a joke and said , "I not baby , I Aryan , Tejas baby" :O

What has happened to my baby suddenly ??? Grown up ??

2 September 2009

Guess what's happening here..

Answer : Well though it was attempted to be a head massage ..he was literally pulling my hair out ...I guess he wanted to massage a head thats without hair ..LOL !