25 March 2009

Adult Talk!

  • Mumma removed her bangle , so he says "Mumma bangle pehno , bahut nice hai."
  • After office , "Mumma dress change kar lo".
  • Papa wears a jeans and realizes its not properly ironed so take it off immediately , so he comments "Papa choti hai pant ?"
  • Mumma walks bare foot , "Mumma Chappal pehno."
  • Mumma ready for office , "Mumma lets go."
  • Mumma offers something , "No don't want."
  • Mumma doesnot offer something , "I want this".
  • Mumma/Papa touches, fiddle , plays, moves his engine , " No my this"
  • Ready on a weekend , "Chalein Papa car chailen"
  • Papa is missing on a weekend , Mumma tells he has gone out on work, "Mumma auto chailen Gumma".
  • Mumma wants to watch TV , "No Mumma , no TV , Light band, Ninna"
  • In the park , Mumma introduces him to a girl , Jhanvi, he pays no attention and says "Chota Jhanvi"
  • In the park , sees the merry go round , "Mumma I want round round".
  • On the Merry go round , "Mumma I want fast"

17 March 2009

Of Teaching and Speaking

Mumma : Aryan nose ?
Aryan points to his nose.
Mumma : Aryan tongue ?
Aryan points to his tongue.
Mumma : Hands ?

Mumma thinks PERFECT!!! ..Aryan told everything perfect !! Mumma sees papa lying next to them..something lights up in her head.

Mumma : See Aryan Moustache ..thats papa's Mush!
Aryan : Mush ! (pulls papa's mush to make him shout :D)
Aryan : (Trying to find his own under his nose) Aryan Mush Tutu :(

(Tutu ..is Broken in baby language ! )

15 March 2009

Haircut and Chocolates !

Aryan used to always cry at the haircuts. So much so that sometimes I used to sit with him on my lap for getting his hair cut. The hair dresser used to give him an eclairs or a small perk every time to calm him down. During the first 2 times he did not know what a chocolate was and just grabbed them as a toy. Then he maturedto realize how yummy are these chocolates. So he realized that haircuts are good times when you get chocolates without asking for them.

And yesterday was the first time he had a haircut happily! Without a frown or cry. But then no chocolate was offered...hehehe! That was only for crying kids. So what!!, he cried after the haircut asking for chocolate and since papa was also having a haircut and we needed to stay there , the hair dresser gave him an eclairs :D

Now I wonder, if he learnt the trick and will cry next time again while getting his hair cut :D

3 March 2009

Fun at the Weddings !

As many of you know that I was on vacation for 10 days to attend 2 of Anupam's cousins weddings , one in Kota and another in Jaipur.Aryan enjoyed his time at the weddings.
He rocked the floor in his dhoti kurta ,dancing Mithun style in Kota during the sangeet function. But since it was too cold in kota and he being not used to it (born and brought up in Bangalore) he lost all his enthusiasm after sometime and I had to go inside to put him to sleep.

In Jaipur though weather was better and he thoroughly enjoyed both the functions. From dancing in sangeet , to dancing in barat , to sitting on horse with chachu , to touching the horse to see how it feels , to eating loads of ladoos , to trying the bridal chair , to wearing a gardland he did everything. And since he was with his dadu dadi , Tau ji taiji , bua phupha ji and lis cousins he was already on cloud nine.He was so excited that he used to forget when he was hungry and I was running after him for food.

Here is a glimpse of all the fun :

Doing Disco in Dhoti :-)

"Duck Ride : As he called it"

"Sitting Over his Cousin's back"

"Full Masti Mood"

"Dancing in Barat : In Papa's lap"

"Playing with Flowers : Don't I look like a little groom!"

"Pushp Varsha"

"Can someone put a rose for me ?"

"Ok ..I will manage myself ..others are busy with chachu"

"Relaxing with Dadu"

Here is the Answer !

The Answer is :


And sometimes even



None of you said the second one , but still the prize for the last quiz will be shared between Swaram, Monika and Suma !!

And Here is the Trophy for Lizy(Winnner of first quiz) and Swaram, Monika and Suma !