1 April 2012

More Titbits about Khushi!

Even after such a long long post , there is so much I have missed.

Your kisses : The wet long kisses with your mouth open so wide that it feels like you want to swallow me up. As soon as I step in the house I have to rush to the bathroom to wash my hands and face ..rush but without making any sounds. Because the moment you hear or see me , you cry and shout to be carried and the moment I carry you , you try to swallow me up :) Its such a pleasure. You feel my face with your tiny hands and then choose between my chin and cheeks and then shower me with an unending kiss :)
Today it even happened in the morning when you woke up.

Your Little games : When one of us place a handkerchief on your face and you pull it off within seconds and smile !

Yesterday you discovered another new game actually. You were lying next to me while I was reading from my laptop. And you started shouting. So I averted my eyes to you and you started giggling loudly. It has become a game since then, whatever I am doing I have to have my eyes on you.

Your toys : I shoud post a pic of your favourite ones. We have a doremon , Tutu the turtle , Goofy the dog , Rosy the doll , singer dog who is actully nameless , a guitar and a few rattles in our favourite list and we choose and play with them as per our mood.
The doremon is blessed as he can even make us roll over. The turtle is blessed since I allow him to sit on my tummy and back :)

Your stroller: We should name it silencer. It can silence you when you are crying. As soon as you are in that you know its time for sight seeing and you happily keep quiet for that. We some times take you sight seeing from one room to another till you doze off :P

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