31 May 2009

Another Woman in his Life :-(

Yesterday I was shopping and I showed him 2 colours of a top and asked , "Aryan kaun sa acha hai" , expecting him to tell me , which colour does he like better.

Pat I got the reply , "Mumma A (his GIRL friend's name) jaisa pehno".

Poor me , I did not know I should laugh or cry. My son already has another woman in his life and she is already competing with me. GRRR :-O

19 May 2009

Talking bits

Spots a cockroach "Papa dekho Cockroach chal ke aa raha hai"

Making some funny sound , "Main Fan ki nakal kar ria hoon"

Picks his doodle pad and asks "Mumma fan de do" and mumma tells "no beta thats pen".

Calls me and says "Paani pilao beta"

Makes a funny sound and says "Papa car aaise karti hai".

Runs to get water , "Main paani lati hoon"

14 May 2009

Aryan in Kerala !

The much awaited Kerala pics of Aryan !

Aryan enjoying Carrots and Red Banana on way to Munnar

Stretching out soon after reaching Munnar..who doesnot love a nice clean bed!

Enjoying "Jhoola"

At Mattupatty dam

In Speed boat

Walking between the clouds!

Hanging from the roof of house boat ..you don't see papa him holding na !

"Pitr Seva" - Opening Dad's shoe laces , And NO he did not ask Aryan to do so !

Masti with Dadi

Masti with Dadi

5 May 2009

Aryan received his first letter

Aryan received his first letter from Big Bro Anirudh yesterday!

His reaction when I told him , was a BIG SMILE ! Then he grabbed the letter and I read it to him. Then he said "Mici aaouse" and then he tried to scratch the micky and I took the letter away to preserve it. Will show him when he can also read!