31 May 2008

Artist At Work!

Editted to Add : Washing Hands after Painting is more interesting than Painting itself.

29 May 2008

Aryan's First Painting

I had an unexpected holiday on Monday , announced by the company. So Aryan and I made use of the time like this :-)

Do wait for more pics of the artist at work. Will upload those when the PC at home resumes to life.

23 May 2008

Army Rule

Chappo and Sho - Mumma and papa are not allowed to remain bare foot even for a second. As soon as we take off our sho(shoes) we are ordered to wear chappo (Chappals /Slippers). And wear it PROPERLY. We cannot sit , with our feet relaxing over the slippers or half the foot out of the place.

A rule is a rule - Every game has its rules. And rules should be followed. And I need not tell , who makes the rules. If Aryan is learning to jump , Mumma and Papa need to be seated on the sides of the bed, with slippers on. They cannot rest on their hands or lie down. Sit Straight. A rule is a rule. If Aryan decides that Mumma has to sit on the chair and papa on the bed while we play Throw-Catch , it has to be the same.

Finish your work in time - If the washing machine beeps , the clothes should be hanged THEN.THEN MEANS THEN.

Dress Properly - If the suit has Dupatta , wear it when you are going out. Don't carry it in hand , thinking of wearing it in the car.

Keep the House Clean - Everything has its place , keep them there.

Respond to Alarms - A reminder , a door bell or an alarm, repond quick and if its your phone , you should reply and not your spouse.

NO Means NO - I want , what I want and when I say NO , it means NO. Don't argue.

(I wonder if he was in Army in previous birth.On second thoughts he could have been my previous birth's MIL , and in that case I am luckier in this birth.)

20 May 2008

Chiyya Tutu

Mumma : "Aaj Aryan ne ka kiya?"

Mumma : "Masti ki"

Aryan Nods

Mumma : "Aadi aaya tha, Aur X aur Y"

Aryan Nods along.

Mumma :"Aur Aryan ne kya kiya?"

Aryan : "Chiyya" ,"Tutu"

Points at his chin.

Next day Mumma confirmed with the day care people , that Aryan broke a bird and got hurt under his chin. So that was Aryan's and Mumma's first conversation about the day at daycare.

19 May 2008

Ask me what I know !

Aryan loves his 3 page Animal Board Book. So now he can tell all the animals on page 1. 1-2 Animals on page 2 and page 3.

So every night he asks me to tell all the animals , as in he will point on each animal and I am supposed to say the name. And then , he will open first page and as I name an animal, he points to the same.

Sometimes , I do not understand that he actually wants me to ask him the names of animals , and so he opens the page 1 and keep both his hands in air. Which means , Ask Me.
One day , he was on page 3 when I asked him to point an animal. So he told me the same and quickly turned the book to page 1. And then patiently waited for me to ask more.
I thought this happened by chance , but I tried the same again yesterday. Again he quickly came back to page 1.

So he wants to tell , Ask me what I know :) Smart kids ..you see :-)

18 May 2008

Fun at Royal Orchid !

Editted to Add :We went for Sunday Brunch at Royal Orchid yesterday (Thanks to Anupam's company's gift voucher). The food was great , plus Aryan enjoyed the garden and the bouncy. We had a nice time :-)
The pictures are from my mobile's camera , hence the quality is not too great :-)

11 May 2008

A Typical Day at Home!

So all of you who ask what did I do over a holiday / saturday /sunday and I reply with "we were at home" , this is what we do :-)

- Aryan gets up late by 9.00 - 10.00 (anti-jinx) , (and this is a recent development , he used to get up at 7.00 am) and so mumma gets to sleep till around 8.00. After which mumma , makes tea and do the tiny-winy tasks till the time Aryan gets up.

- Mumma and Aryan snuggle and cuddle either in bed or in Mumma's lap and loads of kisses and hugs get showered from both ends.

- Aryan demands to switch on his favourite DVD, which he does not watch , just listens as he has his milk and then plays with Mumma Papa.

- Since he gets up so late , he breakfast is usually short , like just a fruit or few bites from mumma's plate.

- Then Aryan demands to bath and he baths and baths till he is forced out of the bathroom , which is complimented by a big tantarum.

- By the time tantarum is over, Aryan is all dressed up and we play again.

- Meanwhile Mumma struggles to make the lunch which would also serve as a brunch for Aryan. This sometimes triggers some tantarums as Aryan demands to be carried by Mumma (and Mumma ONLY) so that he can observe and learn all the cooking ..ALL THE COOKING. So in the process Mumma gets bitten several times when she fails to carry him.

- Aryan is served with his brunch on his high chair. But just after few bites , Aryan wants to jump off and roam around. After much of trying he convinces mumma to set him free. So he roams around the house and comes running to take a bite when Mumma prods (anti-jinx again..).

- Then we play again. The playing includes all or some of,

Cooking , with both pressure cooker , some potatos , some tomatoes and gas lighter , all in the room . Mumma papa get to taste the yummy food cooked by Aryan.

Playing with his Fisher Price shape sorter blocks , where Mumma Papa are supposed to clap and say 'very good', each time Aryan sorts the shapes correctly.

Playing with his favourite mug , where Aryan immitates the aunty (maid) who comes in the morning and cleans the mug.

Cuddling,Tickling by both Mumma and Papa.

Playing Throw-Catch when all the three players sit on different seats and play with the blue ball.

Watching Aryan's snaps on computer.

Kissing and hugging the soft toys and fighting with papa over his sofa.

Hide and seek between the rooms and balcony with Mumma where Aryan finds the hiding Mumma.

- Meanwhile Aryan hears the washing machine's beep of completion and comes running with a tub and forces Papa or Mumma to take the clothes out. The clothes are then carried to balcony by Aryan and Mumma/Papa , where each person holds the tub from one side.

- After much of playing , when its around 2.00 -2.30 , Aryan gets tired for an afternoon nap and dozes off in Mumma's / Papa's lap , while mumma papa finish their bath, food, sleep etc.

- Aryan gets up after a long nap , demands to switch on his DVD again and all the playing is repeated in random order.Meanwhile Mumma again tries to cook evening snacks and dinner while Aryan wants to stay in her lap for all the cooking.

- After dinner , Aryan takes both Mumma and Papa to bedroom and then we all study Animals. We also study body parts sometimes , using the Pooh book. We don't like to study vegetables though.

- Then Aryan do all the cleaning of the side rack near our bed. All the things are placed on bed one by one ane when the rack is empty , Aryan says "Kham" , short form of "Khatam" , meaning "Finish". This process is repeated N number of times.

- Meanwhile Mumma Papa start feeling sleepy while Aryan is still active and is jumping on bed. Finally Mumma -Papa switch off the light. This again invites lot of crying for the "Aaight" , meaning "Light". Then he tries to impress papa mumma by telling something about cows,papa,auto ,bau bau,eyes etc etc (all the living non living things he knows about) and mumma keeps telling that all of them have slept already. Finally he gives in and dozes off.

- After an hour, you will see a Mumma sleeping in parallel to the wall, a papa almost falling off the bed and a baby making a bridge between them, sleeping happily with his head next to papa and feet next to Mumma :-)

P.S. : All the house chores done by Aryan are his own intiatives. Mumma Papa don't force him. So please don't sue us for child labour.

9 May 2008

What a brat!

Aryan is quite a rebel these days :
- Ask him to bath on any day from Monday to Friday and he throws a BIG tantrum.
- Ask him to finish his bath(he wants to bath for hours) on Saturday and Sunday and he throws a BIG tantrum
- Ask him to open his mouth for brushing on any day and he seals it tighter.
- Ask him to sleep and switch off the lights and he cries like hell.
- Ask him to not to do anything and he bites or hits.
- Ask him to wear a diaper and he runs away giggling.
- Ask him to sit on high chair for food and he wants to jump after 2 bites.
- Ask him not to climb stairs and he will.
Cannot wait for the Terrible TWO!!!!

6 May 2008

Guess the words

We named Aryan with 'A' and he thought all (okay ..MOST) of the words in the dictionary start with 'A'.So here are some words for you to guess :

AaIght : Light

AAao : Cow

aUck : Duck

aaBra : Zebra

aIish : Fish

AeEkoo :Cheekoo

AAnana :Banana

AIyya :Chiyya

AAti :Swati

Hey all , updated the answers , check your scores here :
~nm :3/9
K3 :3/9
Stepping Stone : 1/9 (not your fault ..tumhe experience nahi hai na.:))
Sodium :3/9

AM: 2/9
Me :4/9

So Me is the topper :-)

5 May 2008

Passionate about Socks and Shoes !

It was a long pending post and I almost forgot about this. Aryan is very passionate about his footwear. This includes socks and shoes.

I have mentioned several times that Aryan was crazy about a black and white striped socks and would find them from any where and insist on wearing them even if they are wet or dirty. This continued till I threw them in dustbin as they were too small for him to wear. Those socks did embarras me a few times when Aryan wore them to near by supermarkets or in front of guests.People would have thought , can they not even buy a proper size socks for the baby.

Now the current favourite are a lavender socks with stripes. So when I want him to wear socks , show him the lavender one. BUT when I want him to wear socks AND shoes..DON'T SHOW him the lavender one is the rule!!

Next comes the shoes! Aryan had 3 pair of shoes until recently. One were the black whistling shoes that used to make noise when he walks. The other one were blue canvas casuals and the third one were a pair of formal shoes. Of the three the blue canvas one are his favourite. The whistling shoes were worn based on his wish. I mean he used to decide which shoes to wear when. And when you want to make him wear the formal ones ..HIDE the others.

Now that the whistling shoes do not fit him , I had to permanently hide them. The blue canvas ones are still a problem , since they will be small for him shortly.

I bought a colourful sandals for him recently , which he DID NOT LIKE AT ALL and REFUSED to try.

And so went hunting shoes for him this thursday. As it is I could not find any good options. And whatever I found, Aryan did not LIKE. HE REFUSED TO WEAR ANY NEW PAIR OF SHOES.

Then we reached a BATA shop and Aryan spots another pair of same blue canvas shoes and he is ready to wear them.

I did not want to buy same color same design and so we did not.God knows when will our guy like another pair of shoes , else he will be SHOE LESS once he out grows this one and I will have to throw them as well.

NOTE : Bangalore bloggers please let me know some good shops to buy kids shoes.