30 August 2007

Bull Fight

Baby Bull and Papa Bull ready to fight

Baby Bull (Thinking) : "He is BIG, Shall I Quit ?"

Baby Bull (Thinking) : "Naah, Let me try."

Bull fight on full bloom
Baby Bull (Thinking) : "I am giving him a tough time :D. "

Papa Bull lifts Baby Bull to touch the sky.
Baby Bull (Thinking) : "So what ? It was fun. "

29 August 2007

A Ray of Hope

Whenever I do not do something as desired by Aryan, he gets angry and bites me hard.As hard as possible.Now its getting worse, he bites and he pinches on my cheeks with both hands. I do not know how do I handle this situation.Its getting worse day by day.Will he grow up to be an 'ANGRY YOUNG MAN' ?

But yesterday was a ray of hope.I was feeding him and he held my fingers between his teeth.It was so hard that I had tears in my eyes.He looked at my face and realized that I am in pain.So what does he do ? He gave me peck on my cheek..one on each cheek :-)

21 August 2007

Happy 13th Monthesary

Happy 13th Monthesary to my cutie little baby ..ahhh ..high time ..I should start refering him as toddler.

Racing on Tummy

Have you heard of this new game.If not , come and see in our house.You will see a mumma running behind a toddler.A toddler , who has not yet learnt to walk , but can run(*swim) on his tummy. And he gets super-duper excited and giggles, when he sees mumma following him (especially with the dinner plate to serve him).

19 August 2007

Aryan at Daycare

Aryan's care taker shared an album with us.Some scanned photographs from the album :

17 August 2007

Smiling and Social

Sometime back I did a post on how Aryan tried to make a friend.But thats not all , its not just the kids, he is a true social bee.

Take a look :

1. While travelling in car , he would try every trick to attract the biker on a red light. If no biker is available , he would even try to attract the people in nearby cars. And his smile works atleast once a day :)

2. Few days back, standing in the billing queue at a grocery shop , he was smiling and staring at a foriegner behind us. The lady had no idea of what was going on and was chatting with someone else. He did not give in , till she looked at him and went all crazy about his smile.They shared flying kisses when we left :D

3. Last week he was not well and he took him to hospital , twice a week. He had bad cough and was weak. But the doctor and junior doctor thought we are fools to bring him to hospital. He did not even cough once in 1 hour. He was smiling all the time.When doctor wanted to see his throat , he showed his teeth. While leaving the doctor told me that he is such a "SMILING BABY". I was telling the junior doctor that he forgets all cough when he comes to hospital , who in turn told me , please leave him here and we will take care of him :P

4. Yesterday evening I was taking a walk with him. He grabbed the attention of another old lady who was taking a walk.When she started talking to him , he offered her to take him in her lap. And then he was happily smiling at me from her lap :P

12 August 2007

Standing Tall

Aryan loves to stand at the balcony,on the pillar holding the grills.He enjoys supervising the construction in the neighbourhood. A glimpse :

At Home , 23rd July, 2007

7 August 2007

Too Smart For Me

Aryan is partially potty trained. Most of the times he makes a typical noise whenever he needs to 'GO'.So if we are alert and fast enough, to make him sit on his potty seat, life is easy. But since last few days, he will just make us run and do nothing.Past two days have been awesome. He has realized that this is ultimate way to grab attention.So whenever I am busy with something, he will make the typical noise and when I ask him "Susu aayi.." , he would happily laugh :-O

Same way ,he found another ultimate way to draw attention.Its like this , "put your finger in your mouth and act like you are about to throw and you will find mummy running to pick you and papa fetching you some water. "

Ahh..these kids are way too smart !!

Foot Ball player in Making !

Yesterday I knew that I have a Foot Ball player in making !

He can not yet walk on his own and needs to hold our fingers to walk.But while walking with that assistance he can sure kick the ball.BALL ..nope, I BIG Beach ball.And that too with great confidence.He manages himself on his left leg when the right goes up to kick the ball with all the force.So who knows India too will have an international football team in near future.

2 August 2007

Ohh I miss !

Asha wrote about how she would be missing those kicks when Zumzum pops out.This inspired me to write what all I miss ,now that he is a BIG boy ..1 year old.

1. My pregnancy , yes I miss ,however horrible I looked , but still I miss. I miss that excitement, eagerness and the fear of unknown.I miss those guessing sessions about Aryan being a boy/girl , about him resembling Anupam or me,about him coming early and uninvited.I miss the kicks inside and the anxiety wen he would not kick.I also miss the attention that I used to get from friends , family and Anupam :)

2. The pink cute little wringled baby , whom I was scared to touch and lift.But he is still Cute !

3. Those nursing sessions.Though I had loads of weird feeding issues in the begining ,still I miss those days , when he would cuddle with me every 2 hours and sleep with content in my arms.It brings an ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment.And you realize that more now , when he just won't want to lie down in your arms, he has so much to do you see!

4. The wait to hear Mumma from him :-)

5. The code word conversation , he is not doing that from quite sometime now :((

6. The afternoon play sessions with him.When MIL stayed with us and my office was also close by , I would go home to nurse him and play with him.MIL would then take some rest and so it was just my time with him and we both loved it.

1 August 2007

His Latest Loves and Likes

1. As always my little boy is a machine freak. Be it computer , Fridge, microwave or washing machine. YES ..Washing machine is the favourite and most prefered.His love for it is driving us crazy.As soon as we get into the house in the evenings ,he jumps from our lap and go crawling and shouting to see it its running.Similarly as soon as he gets into his senses in the morning he goes up to check it out.Whenever someone gets into that room(we have washing machine in a small room ,which is not in use for anything else) he crawls behind.If he is crying and is out of control ,we can take him to washing machine and we are DONE.If we wish to make him sit on his potty for little longer ,place the potty in front of WS and let him play with its door. If washing machine is running , then I can finish some other work at peace , as he will be staring at it.What more can I ask , single medicine for all kinds of pains :)

I thought we can use him in an WS commercial :-D ,Anupam says that he will grow up to be a washer man :-D :-D and my father said may be he is a reincarnation of an astraunaut and the rotation brings back some memories :-D :-D :-D

2. Dances on disco music in bhajan style. I play instrumental disco on his piano and he goes dancing ( in sitting position ofcourse).

3. Loves to cherish his looks and smiles.You can place him in front of mirror and he will give it all kinds of smiles.

4. Loves to sprinkle Murmure(puffed rice) on the floor and then finding them to put in his mouth.

5. Loves to bite me and keep biting(inspite of me telling No) till I loose my patience and shout in pain. To which he will smile.

6. Jump from our lap and stand holding our hands.

7. His interest to break his papa's specs have shifted to my mobile.My poor mobile has scars all over its body and I don't plan to change it till it says a final good-bye.

8. Bullying Kids in Malls/Markets.Don't go by his age.It can be a 10 year old kid or a 6 months old.He will make sure to catch his/her attention. And yes ! all the female sales girls , would know him well.

9. Bathing ...ohh I was almost missing it out.That still remains favourite as ever.He can go on and on and he loves touching the falling water.

10.Bottles.One of the lastest love..hehehe..well,not the ones you thought about.It can be a water bottle , mosturier bottle,bath gel or whatever.He can play with them for long time. But, no longer , yesterday he discovered to open the water bottle and I found him drenched. Now thats scary!