24 January 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Tomorrow is my Papa's Birthday and on this day I would want to tell the world that I have the BESTEST DAD !

21 January 2008

Silly Celebrations !

Aryan turned 18 months yesterday. And his hair cut was due since long.We clubbed the two occasions.

I came home at 4.30 and arranged a small surprise for Aryan. Then went back and we both picked up Aryan from day care to the salon.

He cried his heart out there. But when he reached home ..omg ..what a smile that was...to see the baloons and teddy bear and Bhau Bhau amd Baaall and Mickey all waiting for him at one place. Then there was cake , Halwa and popkorn.

He really enjoyed the day!!

Stage set for the VIP

The Goodies

The VIP enjoying the attention

"Ohh ..You Missed writing my Name"

"Gimme the Cake"

"Yummy !!"

"It was Tasty"

"Look at my CAKEY Face :-P"

Here I go !

"Ready For a Walk"
"Thats outsite my house"
"Hurry up !"
"Lets take Rest"

Aryan's First Drawings

Pictures taken on 15th Jan 2008

20 January 2008


This is how he started telling his name from 19th Jan ,2008.

"What is your Name ?"


My Letter to you !

Dear Aryan,
You are 1.5 years old today...these 18 months were like a dream for us. A little life blossomed into a flower in our hands without our own realization. I can still remember how I was scared to hold you in my hands , for the fear of hurting your soft bones. And how I did not know , how to burp you when you used to cry. And how to hold you to bath.

Time has passed.And it seems like in friction of seconds you have grown upto a BIG Naughty boy.Its seems like some magic to see you achieve one milestone after another.Now that you have twelve little teeth , I cannot imagine how there was none one day.Now that you walk , I cannot imagine how we waited for you to turn , to roll , to sit and to crawl.

Your unconditional love has made our lives more beautiful.I cannot write in words , what I feel , when you sleep peacefully in my lap , when you hold my hand and place it on your cheek or forehead , when you suddenly give a peck on my cheek , when you shower me with loads of kisses and when you suddenly cuddle to me.
We never realized since when we started loving you. Probably much before you were born. But I cannot describe, how I feel when you are not too well and when you get up at midnight for the pain in your budding tooth. We share the responsibilty to shape up your life , which will form from the habits that you develop today. Each day , we have moments which make us feel satisfied and the ones which make us wonder , if we are doing all good.
But then , I think thats the part of this parenting game. I am out of words dear ...Just want to say ...Mumma Papa love you Beta.
Yours Mumma.

14 January 2008

Experimenting with NOSY !!

Aryan and his Papa were playing with dough today and here is what they did :-)

Re-doing this post here. By mistake I posted these pics on my blog.

Aryan's Vocabulary

We, parents are so greedy you know. The kids do something new and we are happy and then we start waiting for the next new thing. And the irony is that at each point of time , we keep missing our new born babies too. I read a post on JLT and Moppet about Sonny Boy's and Moppet's Talks and I started waiting for Aryan to talk.Then I thought ,Give him break yaar , he just started walking :-)

Any ways , here is his current vocabulary.

"Mumma" : To call me

"Papa" : To call his father. This is his most loved word. I wonder , if sometimes he calls me also "Papa"

"Bhaaau" and "Bau Bau" : At the sight of a dog in his book or elsewhere.

"Uaaaah" : Thats a roar ..and you know Lion , elephant and cow ..all talk alike ..all of them roar.

"Appae" : Thats APPLE. Sometimes all fruits are addressed as APPLE.

"Aaa" : To call someone

"A U-shaped face" : Chickoo. You try calling chickoo and you will have a U-shaped face in the end.

Well tht vocabulary is huge like "Aaaaaaaah", "Unhhh", "Baaa","Aaanh" etc , only that I cannot make sense out of it.

13 January 2008

Why did you do that Mumma ?

It was somewhere in the first week of November 2007.Little Aryan was very happy today. He was on vacation with Mom-Dad to Dadi's place. More fun was that, his cousin brothers , Uncles and Aunts all were there. So they were all enjoying time. That day he had even his great grand parents visiting him. Everyone was busy chatting with them in the living room. Kids were having a great time in Dadi's bedroom , with TV and their toys. Little Aryan was crawling in and out of the bedroom to the living room.He was energetic and happy.

Suddenly he coughed and pink coloured watery saliva came out of his mouth.Everyone got alert and worried. What has happened to him ? Mumma poked her finger into his mouth forcefully.Aryan did not like it and started crying. See what comes out. A BIG PINK CANDY :-O Everyone was looking at each other. Some worried and some astonished. Some of them was laughing. Mumma and Taiji asked all the kids , as to how did Aryan got the Candy. The youngest of them replied ,"Maine Diya , woh maang raha tha."Little Aryan did not understand what has happened. He was so much enjoying the CANDY given to him by his cousin.Mumma threw the Candy away :( and told Bhaiya to not to give him anymore :(

Till today he wonders ,"WHY? Mumma could have asked Bhaiya to giver her one. Instead she threw away mine. Mumma is such a meanie, cheater,J."

9 January 2008

Innovative Ways to Trouble Mumma

To run away , does not matter crawling or walking , when mumma has already removed the wet nappy and wants to put a fresh one.

To lie down on my tummy , when Mumma is trying to apply cream on my cheeks and then laugh.

To demand for wearing shoes 24/7, even in bed.

To find my old , worn out black and white (zebra kinds) socks from dirty clothes , washed and wet clothes or from any other possible place in the house and demand to wear them.

To insist to walk on road , busy running road.

To demand for playing with ball, when Mumma is eating.

To demand for a bath at the site of running water.

To try to reach the kitchen plateform and catch hold of whatever , knife ,food, even gas knob.

To cling to Mumma's legs as soon as she gets into kitchen.

To hold Mumma's finger and take her for a walk , when she is super busy with something else.