10 April 2016

Last day of school

Khushi comes home after last day of junior kg and draws this. On left its her , followed by Loretta Ma'am and Vanina ma'am.

Aryan also completed grade 4, he is excited to move to secondary and use a pen !! However he is little sad that three of his best friends , who have been with him for 6 years ( Gowtham, Samarth and Vishrut) move to different cities \ section.

After all you can never have it all but he is still a child to understand that.

Love letter by Khushi to Taiji

Khushi is enjoying affection from taiji a lot. And so she writes an encrypted love letter to taiji ;-). The backdrop of the letter has a portrait of her and Aryan.

Art by Khushi

Our house(center) , taiji house (smallest one on right) And tauji house ( farthest since tauji is staying away these days). Notice the family members in window.

How to describe a book

Khushi: Mumma mujhe woh book chahiye.
Mumma : kaun sa
Khushi: Mumma woh book joh Nishka mere liye laayi thi, jab usne beautiiiiful frock pehna tha aur joh usne mujhe bahut pyaar se diya tha

13 February 2016

Where do babies come from ?

Khushi : Mumma , Ma'am told (yeah she already goes to school and is in Jr KG) that babies come from mumma's tummy.
Me : Yes (Already thinking whats ahead)
Khushi : I want to go in your tummy !! (trying to pull up my kurta)
Me : Noooo !! (frantically trying to keep my clothes in place)  you cannot , once babies come out , they cannot go back.
Khushi : How did I come out ?
Me : Doctor took you out , they have special scissors to do that
Aryan : Khushi , you know I was also in Mumma's tummy
Khushi : Haan I know , you were pushing me all the time !!
Me : Huh !!

Aryan's letter to Khushi on 15 Jan 2016

I love Khushi,because  she is cute and she talks sweetly . When she was small she never  use to put her finger in her mouth. Ilove  now and before. But we sometime fight together .

Today is  15 jan 2016 and 18 jan is my and my sister sports day  . And I wish  that me and my sister win a medal or a cup.

I love my sister



26 March 2013


Khushi : Chiiuuu
Mumma : Huh ?
Khushi : Mumma Chiiuuu
Mumma : What ?
Khushi : Mumma Bye, Chiiuuu !
Mumma : :-) Bye baby , See YOU !