28 February 2011

Bubble gum

One day .. "Mumma aap mere liye bubble gum lana"

Mumma surprise , where the hell did he learn bubble gum ?????

Mumma : "Bubble gum kya hota hai Aryan?"

Aryan : "Usse khate hai"

Mumma : "Okay , aapne khaya ?"

Aryan : "Nahi , woh bus mein big girl hai na , woh kha rahi thi"

Mumma : "Okay , we will get"

So its the bus where he learnt Bubble gum from. But thankfully he forgot that for the next few days.

But soon enough somewhere at a fast food chain , we got a complimentary pack of chewing gum and there was a shout ..."Wow Mumma , Yeh bubble gum hai ..mujhe khana hai"

Now there was no going back. So I explained him how the thing is to be chewed till it is juicy and then thrown and not swallowed.

The entire packet was in and then out of the mouth one by one within 30 minutes since the juice in the bubble gum lasted only that much of the time :-)

Thankfully , he thinks that only THAT fast food chain gives bubble gum and no one else and hence no more demand since then :-)

25 February 2011

Sensitive ???

Is that the word for him ..I am not sure but sometimes he amazes me with what he says.

One day after daycare , he was in a bad mood when I picked him up , so I asked what happened.

Aryan : "Anisha bad girl hai"
Me : "Kyo"
Aryan : "Usse mere saath khelna tha"
Me : "Toh ?"
Aryan : "Mujhe uske saath nahi khelna tha , mujhe Krishita ke saath khelna tha "
Me : "aap dono ke saath khelo"
Aryan : "NO"
Me : "Toh aap usko bolo ki I dont want to play with you today"
Aryan : "Nahi"
Me : "Kyo"
Aryan : "Agar main aaise bolunga toh woh cry karegi na"

Aryan : "Papa aaj Joshi ne mujhe pinch kiya"
Papa : "Acha , aapne kya kiya"
Aryan : "Maine Cry kiya"
Papa : "Kyo woh itni choti bachi hai , aap usse pitai kha ke aate ho." (She is a year younger than him and small built)
Aryan : "Haan, Agar main usse pinch karta toh woh cry karti , isliye nahi maine pinch nahi kiya"


One day during our cuddle time , I told Aryan : "Aryan aap mujhe itne pyare kyo lagte ho ?"

Aryan : "Kyoki main bahut CUTE hoon na "

Me : "Acha , yeh kisne bola "

Aryan : "Kyoki main bacha hoon na , bache bahut CUTE hote hai"

Me : "Is it ? Yeh kisne bola "

Aryan : "Anisha , usne bola bache CUTE hote hai" (She is his friend of same age)

Me : "okay" And a BIG KISS

17 February 2011

Talking to grandparents

Few days back one evening I noticed Aryan lying on the bed with one leg resting on the other and talking on my mobile. I knew he was talking to my dad , by his tone. I went inside and came back after 15 minutes and found him in same situation. I was surprised at what he was talking for so long. The next day my mom told me the conversation :

Aryan : "Hello"

My Mom : "Hello Aryan"

Aryan : "Namaste , Nanu hai kya"

My mom : "Haan and gave phone to my dad"

Aryan : "Hello Yaar !, Kya kar rahe ho" (Yes , he calls my dad Yaar sometimes and ofcourse my dad encourages that saying they are friends ..what can I do about it :P)

My Dad : "Hello Yaar !"

Aryan : "Aapke ghar train aayi kya , mujhe train ki awaaz sunao" (Near their house there is a train track)

My Dad : "Abhi train nahi hai"

Then they spoke for sometimes about various things...

After sometime ..

Aryan : "Train aayi"

My Dad : "Nahi , jab train aayegi toh main aapko phone kar ke train ki awaaz suna doonga"

Aryan "Okay , bye"

Kept the phone. Called again in 2 mins :

Aryan : "Hello Nani , Jab tak aap phone karoge train chaali jayegi , its okay main hold karta hoon , I dont mind , aap baat karo mujhse"

And so they spoke till there was a train :)

Main toh bacha hoon!

On 16th Feb was our anniversary. So we bought a pastry slice and told Aryan that this is small cake that we will cut since its our anniversary. And he asked , where is the party popper. Ofcourse we did not have any.

So I told him , "Party popper toh bache chalate hai , mumma papa toh big hai na"
and pat came the reply "toh main chalaonga na , main toh bacha hoon na"