4 September 2012

Khushi at 11

Khushi turns 11 months today. And like I always say , she makes me say this often. Oh Aryan was such a seedha bacha. She is getting naughty with each passing day.

This weekend we went to market with her in the stroller and she pulled a shopping bag lying on someone's table and I had to jump and grab the bag to prevent it from falling. The lady who was sitting just next to the bag exactly knew what happened , however rest of the people on the table stared at me as if I was flicking their bag off :P And then she banged her hand to a dustbin ..Ewww. And sometime later while getting to the lift , she grabbed the shopping trolley  of somone who was going out of the lift. Thankfully did not hurt her fingers , as none of us noticed her antic that time.

I might soon have to sell off the stroller anyways , because she no longer sits on that , she stands. So if we manage to belt her to stroller then we can use it , else we use it keep our hand bags and shopping bags :)

Last evening , she went missing and I roamed around from room to room , shouting "Khushi". No response means danger , else she replies with a "AAAN". And found her , in her own room ofcourse !! She had opened the 2nd drawer of her wardrobe , managed to hold it and stand  and then was busy clearing it up. Yes , she was holding the drawer with one hand and throwing off the clothes one by one with the other hand. Soon we had an empty drawer.

Except from being naughty , she is a real sweet heart. She charms you with her antics all the time. If you put a finger on you cheek and ask for pucha and if she is actually happy with you , you get a REAL pucha , with sound effect :) Sometimes you get way too many , on cheeks and chin and then cheeks again :)

When I ask her if she wants something , a yes is a BIG grin and tilting of head. A no  is indifference.

When she wants to show off that she is in mumma's lap , she will keep her head on my shoulder and smile at the person who is trying to charm her.

Somedays we are lucj to hear a "papapapa " and a "Mummumma" , rarely though. Papa got extremely lucky this weekend when he walked by and she said "aay papa".

When you open the main door or she realizes that we are going for outing , she jumps in your lap so much so that you hand pains.

Bhaiya is adored all the time. Lying next to bhaiya is blissful. Eating off his eraser is a mission. Twice the eraser has been pulled out of the mouth.

Writing is another agenda. She has already scribbled the floor a few times. I am waiting when she will stand up and scribble a few walls and her papa will run around to do a touch up on his newly painted house :) Would love that scene :)

And we had her mundan done on August 26th at chikka tirupati. Now she keeps on touching her head and sometimes tries to locate the clip to pull it off and eat. As if there are no better things to eat in this world.

Here are some pics of the little brattina :)

27 August 2012

Independence day...

..not India's ..Aryan's. Yes ..15th August 2012 marks independence for my little guy. From that day Aryan started sleeping all alone in his room on his bunk bed. Its been more than 10 days and is going smooth ...mostly.

Ofcourse we have some rules.

Mumma has to lie down next to him and together we do some reading and when Aryan is almost sleepy  , Mumma can move out of his bed after giving him a good night pucha.

Papa's mobile should be kept near him , so that he can dial mumma's number if he is scared at midnight or need something.

Room lights should be left on. To this one , ofcourse we will soon convince him to switch to night light rather than the room lights , but I am fine with this to start with.

As of now he will sleep on the lower bed during night and top bed during day and once khushi moves to his room , he will occupy the top bed at night too. This rule is mumma's idea , for 2 reasons , Mumma is not confident of letting him sleep on top for now and plus its easier for mumma to cuddle with him on lower bed.

If at all he feels scared , Mumma should come to him immediately and sleep with him.

So far though , he has called a 1-2 times and after some cuddling allowed mumma to go back to her room.

On some days he wakes up early , before mumma and papa , mostly because papa's mobile has an alarm. And on those days he would want mumma to come to him and do some cuddling , which mumma enjoys as much.

So its been going good. Just that the Mumma still wakes up at midnight and walk to his room, to adjust his blanket , to kiss him sometimes and to do similiar stuff. Hopefully soon she will also be relaxed enough.

Showing off his new bed.



And yes ..here are some pics of the KUNGU FU kid !

23 August 2012

Mumma gets another hair dresser

Yes ..your guess is obviously right. The little one grabs the comb from mumma's hand and tries to comb mumma's hair. So what if she was holding the comb upside down  :)

And it reminds me of THIS :-)

Pehchaan kaun ?

22 August 2012

A letter you must read

A letter you must read ..so what if its not written by me. This letter is written by your lovely Abha Aunty to Cub and Bub , but I so wish I should have written that and I so wish I should have followed that in life.

I know parents should lead by example. And I know this letter has a lot of things that I don't do often. But I still want you to read this. May be you will make better human beings than your parents.

Thanks Abha ..for this lovely one

Read it here.

13 August 2012

I am a postman ..

At Class I school culminating day. He dressed as postman and narrated what a postman does. Pretty good job and very cutely :)

26 July 2012

The naughty little cutie that she is

Can now crawl with jet speed , loves to chase mumma around the house and we sometimes play run and catch game too. Tries to jump down her crib. Walk on the sides of the bed , her arms resting for support. Cries when she wants to sit , but doesnot dare to try. Does not dare to stand without support.

Believes that everything in this world is tastier than the food offered to her. Loves eating toys, garbage, pencils, erasers, paper, banana peel and her fingers. She basically eats everything except FOOD. She is a first grade fussy eater. When she doesnot want to eat , you just cannot give her a spoon full. She will stitch her mouth almost literally and yet keep smiling at you. As the spoon will go near her mouth, she will twitch her nose , like it smells :P. And if at all she wants to eat(very rare scenario) she will climb on you and snatch the stuff and tries to gobble it down with amazing swiftness. Needless to say this is the stuff thats not usually offered to her like maggi :P

Feels its mumma's duty to figure out when she is hungry and rarely demands milk or food.

Loves to bath and dip her hands in the bucket. Claps as soon as you make her sit on her bath bed. Doesnot love to dress up though.

Loves to dance to all kind of music. It may be a title track of some TV show , some movie song or my besoora singing. Shakes her legs , hands , wrists and lifts/ shakes her body ..not in complete cordination though.

Likes to be around her brother without even demanding any attention from him.  Adores him and enjoys his company. When Bhaiya is in mood and there is no Chota bheem on TV the two of them cuddle and giggle for long , else bhaiya will carry her to mumma / dadi saying "lo isse sambhalo". He understands that its his responsibility to take care of her when there is no adult around and gets stressed.

Says bye when ever asked , even when the person she has to say good bye is carrying her in his/her lap.

Demands 110% attention as soon as she sees mumma or papa after work, even though its for just 10 mins.

Enjoys throwing stuff around. Can stand up holding the table and pushes every single thing down. Loves to drag off the table mats or trays and does not care if that lands on her head or not. Claps after throwing any clothes or nappies that rest on her crib.Throws off any toy or other stuff thats on her walking track.

Loves to go out. Jumps all the way during outings. Loves dressing up only when its for an outing.

Gets tickled with slight touching and giggles and make you giggle.

Fill our home with smiles.

23 July 2012

Aryan's 6th with the pics :)

And the little guy turned six. He demanded and had a Chota bheem party with just his friends. Let the pics tell you more :

Invite that was printed in b/w and then coloured and written by Aryan.

Return gifts (Colouring and Activity books and Puzzles) and Colouring and activity sheets to be used at the party

Personal notes on each return gift

Khushi waking up Aryan in the morning

All set for party !

Bhai behan ready and waiting for guests

Bheeeeeeem pose!

Kids feeding ladooo to bheem!

Cake and decorations on the table

Showing off his bheem Tee!

9 July 2012

Fun times

You know you are going to have some tough  fun time ahead ...

when you suddenly feel something moving near your feet and you thank God for not stepping on that something, and you wonder how she reached there,
When you have to search her in different parts of house all the time,
when you broom and mop your floor twice a day and still feel that its not clean enough coz she always finds some interesting thing to eat,
when you start looking under the table and under the beds,
when you realize that all your doors have stoppers which can even serve as teethers,
when you suddenly start noticing all the wires and ropes in the house,
when you start dusting all the surfaces,
when you find your center table is too low and a tray from it can be easily pulled down,
when you learn to walk with your head down,
when you realize that food thats in your plate is tastier than all the other food that you made,
when you wash your hands, not before and after but during your meals :P,
when you wake up thrice in a night and start looking around.

Birthday Gift

My mom asked Aryan what he wants as his birthday gift and he thought and thought hard and said

ek badi car dila do ..real nahi par jisme main baith paon ..then my mom said that you are too old for those toys

so he goes ..then laptop dila do real wala ..kyunki mummy ko yeh chahiye hota hai toh main game nahi khel pata ..

then i told ..nahi ..laptop u can share this

so he goes ..acha phir chota bheem ya doremon Tshirt aur pajama dila do. So I told him ..why dont u go and nani will decide herself :P

6 July 2012

Dear Aryan

You will be six in 2 weeks time. In these  6 years I have seen you trasform from a tiny little bundle to a full grown handsome boy. You have changed so much in these years and specifically in the last year. Infact I cannot believe that you could have changed so much in just one year.

Physically , you gained height and weight and lost that babyness from your face. As you transitioned from pre primary to primary you suddenly started looking like one too. You lost 5 of your teeth and your smile now looks so different with those front tooth missing.

On the other aspects , you gained so much confidence in last year. You no longer behave like a little baby at most times. However you still feel shy when there are too many people around , you finally started responding when people ask you questions. You are at ease with your size people and can usually handle your own conflicts with other kids.

Your excitement about everything has become many fold. You are always hyper , excited and happy. You are excited about learning new things and doing new stuff. You can browse and find games on google and figure out how to play them.

You enjoy Kung fu (You will be orange belt this weekend) , cycling (now you can cycle without supporting wheels) , TV :-( (Chota bheem and Doremoen are your favourites) , swimming (You can swim properly across the pool). And you learnt to bully people instead of getting bullied all the time. But the good part is that your sensitive nature prevents you from going to extremes.

You now sleep on your own bed, in our room. And you promise to move to your room as soon as you turn 6 !

You learnt to be a big brother. You care for your little sister all the time. You copy your father when it comes to handling her. You play with her like she is your age.

However there is so much that has not changed. The way you love and like to be loved. I sincerely hope it will remain the same forever. You love us to bits. It really matter to you if I am sad or angry and if thats related to something you did. You still enjoy cuddling with me. You dont wipe off your face when we kiss you. You respond to touch therapy quite well.

You are still so possesive about your friends. You don't want share your best friend with anyone. I hope this changes soon, since its the primary reason for all your fights. I want you to know that you cannot own people.

You still enjoy cooking in your big cooker and you do not share it with anyone. You still help me and the maid with house hold work , be it changing bedsheets , washing clothes in machine , drying them , dusting the house , changing khushi's crib sets or whatever.

I just cannot believe that so much has changed in just an year. May be by next year you will behave like a teenager. Sometimes I want to hold the time in my palm. And at other times I just look at these 6 years spell bound.

20 June 2012

Big school madness

Aryan started going to first grade. And guess who is most hassled , swamped , worried and tired. Mumma !!

Yeah , unlike the usual , Aryan has been managing fine , more or less. I had thought he would be tired and irritated after the long school day but it doesnot seem so , for now. He does crib about writing his own diary and teacher being strict about it but thats acceptable.

However , I am finding it tough to cope up with his daily homework , weekly home work , weekly project work , weekly library books , text books and what not. With a full time job , khushi and interior work in new house , I do not feel I am doing any justice to his school tasks.
More so they have a time table too and I invariably forget to look at it.

Apart from Aryan's loss, this make me worry about what will his teacher think of me :( A careless mom :(

I need to get into the BIG school frame of mind asap. I need to make my own timetable to make sometime , dedicated time for him.

All ideas , suggestions welcome !

18 June 2012

Our Little lady

Yeah ..a post finally about our little lady only !! About all that she loves and all that she does !

The lady will soon turn 9 months old and this time has been truly blissful. She brings smile to each one of us with atmost ease. We never thought that having another kid could be so much fun actually.

She loves us to bits. Every single day she tries to swallow me. She sucks my chin and cheeks and make sounds. She pats the cheeks of her bhaiya and papa and give them kisses. She does eye to eye talk with all of us and her eyes smile.

She loves to talk. And scold. She makes all kind of noises and talk in full sentences. But we dont have anyone to translate those in a language that makes sense to us. She roars ..yeah literally roars and scolds us when we done listen. Some of her blabber can sometimes be translated to "Nai nai nai" ,"papapa" ,"aaa","mummmm" . However this can be my imagination also.

She likes to play with toys. So much unlike her brother. She is making full use of all the old and new toys. She talks to them as if they are humans. She likes balls and cars also , again unlike Aryan. (He loves car , only when he can ride on them :) )

She started crawling day before yesterday. Ofcourse she was moving from about 2 months now, first in back gear and then in front gear. But that was in caterpillar style. Now she learnt to move on her fours but she uses that skill selectively.

She has 2 small cute teeth but regardless of their size they do a real good job. She bites !! Already !! So much like her brother :P And she loves to eat spicy food. I was a fool trying to cook and give baby food to her which she would discard right away. Recently we discovered that she loves to eat normal home cooked meals. She loved aalo ki subzi yesterday and spicy upma with garam masala today :)

She is full ghummakad ..one who likes to roam around. The moment you dress her up and put her in stroller ..she is all smiles. Adorable to bits :)  TOUCH WOOD!!

And she is happy with the crowds :) AGAIN TOUCH WOOD! Recently we had our house warming and the house was full of people of all sizes. Before everyone came I was quite worried about how she would manage the hussle. But she was the sweetest angel. "Blessed" was my feeling.

She is becoming super duper naughty. She makes sure no one sleeps when she is around and nor will she sleep. She can climb up my body on her knees and tries to jump off the bed ..making me sit up and play with her and then she repeats the stunt with her dad. And she is most active when we are most sleepy.

She loves her brother until he is not in my lap. Yeah , she already knows how to claim her property :)

She loves wires. She has already pulled down my portable music system. She tries to pull off mobile and laptop chargers. She thinks that wires make excellent teethers

Electronics ..kids of her age are increasingly becoming techy ..they know how to pull out laptop keys. How to talk on mobile phones. How to operate TV remote. How to switch on electronic toys. And I feel so technically challenged in front of her :)

Bathing is all time favourite but she likes minimal clothing :) And anyways she is adorable with whatever she wears. She already has a good collection of hair pins but neverthless nothing stays on her hair. Firstly the hair are silky and secondly she is naughty :)

She prefers daylaight outings. Happier to see sky and greens and moving cars than lights.

She loves GREEN. I do not know if kids at this age can actually show colour preference or its just me. She prefers green stuff. Seen this with all her toys.

Thats all for now ppl ...see you with more Khushism soon !!

4 June 2012

Latest in our world..

Mumma is lazy to blog ..well ..thats not latest .. :P

The latest is

Khushi learnt to drag her self in all the directions and can travel through the hall ..slowly ofcourse. This cannot be really called a baby's crawl ..may be its a the way a cater pillar crawls ..may be we should get this patented :P

Aryan's first baby tooth is about to give way for an adult one and Aryan is maha thrilled. Whoever will visit our house now will have to see a "Toothy show" where he will showcase the new development to you :P

Khushi is getting naughtier than ever. She nows tries to slide down from her stroller , after rolling on her tummy. She tries to sit up in her cradle..not yet though.

Aryan will start his Class I on wednesday and we purchased a strolley school bag with a spider man on it. Needless to say it was super expensive but he promises to use it for atleast 2 years.
Well , not sure that will happen though. I just asked him to use last year's school bag for 2 weeks , since I have been keeping very busy and I told that we would buy a new one after 2 weeks. And I got a emotional blackmail , you want my friends to laugh at me , saying I still have a small kiddy bag :P

More later ..like they say ..something is better than nothing :)

15 April 2012

Tangy Banana

Have you ever seen a child eating raw mango or hajmola ? No !! Then you should !! Or you should see Khushi eating banana. Yeah , banana does taste like raw mango or hajmola to her. She takes the spoon of banana , twinkles her eyes, shrinks her nose , shakes her head side to side, makes a face, swallows it and again opens her mouth for next spoon.

Its so much fun to see her doing that :)

10 April 2012

Me and My Vanity Box

This is my Vanity box

I love playing with it

My agenda is to empty all its contents

Thats my favourite task after every bath


There is nothing more exciting than SUCCESS!
P.S : The lovely frock is the one among the many gifted to me by my lovely aunties from blogdom..I love wearing it !

2 April 2012


You reap what you sow..the proverb is proven yet again.

I developed a habit of telling Aryan time and again that , I know whats on your mind , after all , "main tumhari maa hoon na". Now its coming back to me.

Witness these :

Aryan: Mumma bhook lagi hai
Me: Kya khana hai
Aryan: Aap socho ki main kya khao, aap bolte ho na main aapki maa hoon


Me : Aryan tell doctor how you feel when he asks you, tell where it pains
Aryan: Aap batana
Me: Aap ko batana padega , how will I know where its paining you
Aryan : Kyo aap bolte ho na mujhe sab pata hai , main aapki maa hoon ???


Moral of the story is ..you reap what you sow :P
Dear Readers,

Welcome here ! Thank you for being with "Times of Aryan" so far. Now that we have a new partner with equal stake in this company , we have changed the name and web address of our newspaper.

Hope it will not affect our relationship with you !

Happy Reading !

1 April 2012

More Titbits about Khushi!

Even after such a long long post , there is so much I have missed.

Your kisses : The wet long kisses with your mouth open so wide that it feels like you want to swallow me up. As soon as I step in the house I have to rush to the bathroom to wash my hands and face ..rush but without making any sounds. Because the moment you hear or see me , you cry and shout to be carried and the moment I carry you , you try to swallow me up :) Its such a pleasure. You feel my face with your tiny hands and then choose between my chin and cheeks and then shower me with an unending kiss :)
Today it even happened in the morning when you woke up.

Your Little games : When one of us place a handkerchief on your face and you pull it off within seconds and smile !

Yesterday you discovered another new game actually. You were lying next to me while I was reading from my laptop. And you started shouting. So I averted my eyes to you and you started giggling loudly. It has become a game since then, whatever I am doing I have to have my eyes on you.

Your toys : I shoud post a pic of your favourite ones. We have a doremon , Tutu the turtle , Goofy the dog , Rosy the doll , singer dog who is actully nameless , a guitar and a few rattles in our favourite list and we choose and play with them as per our mood.
The doremon is blessed as he can even make us roll over. The turtle is blessed since I allow him to sit on my tummy and back :)

Your stroller: We should name it silencer. It can silence you when you are crying. As soon as you are in that you know its time for sight seeing and you happily keep quiet for that. We some times take you sight seeing from one room to another till you doze off :P

22 March 2012

Letter to my little one-3

Its already more than 5 months dear since you popped out of your hibernation. And your lazy mum has not even written one post for you. A crime that is ! But hope you will learn to forgive me sooner than later :P

Our lives have changed since we saw you live , on 4th Oct 2011. When you were born , I could not really believe it happened. Somehow I thought the process was quicker but more painful than the first time. And when the doctor said its a girl , I thought it must all have been a dream. Has God really granted my wish ? My desperate wish to have you as a girl. I looked at your papa and asked again , its a girl ???? He said yes , but I could still not trust. After a few moments the nurse showed me your face and I felt that nothing can be cuter , prettier than this baby in the entire world. "Kitni pyari hai na ?" , I asked your father wanting nothing but an affirmation, which obviously came , as if he had a choice.

When they gave you for nursing after about 20 mins or so , I could not stop seeing you , still trying to believe that you are my girl !! A part of me asked why I am so excited and emotional , this is my second baby and I know what to expect and another part of mine said that , yes I knew , but its a girl , a pretty little one , plus I love her as much as I loved Aryan. Yeah that was one tiny fear that would come off and on ..will I be able to love my second one as much I loved Aryan? But the moment I saw you , I knew the answer.

After all the process was over and I was finally on my own , I realized that my eyes are wet with satisfaction and happiness !


Your stay in hospital was more or less uneventful. You remained a good baby just like your brother , giving me enough rest , napping peacefully , sometimes in your cradle and sometimes on my bed. I remember the scared face of the nurse when she saw you sleeping next to me. She asked me , if I can sure take care of you. She was satisfied when I told that this my second one and I will be careful not to have her hand or leg under my HUGE body :-)
And we came home on 6th Oct 2011 , Dushera. Your dadu , dadi and bhaiya greeted you with aarti and flowers. Kheer was made in your welcome and to my surprise , even I was allowed to have it :)

The first month

After 2 days of stay with dadu dadi they went to meet your 4 days elder cousin and your nani came to see you. You bonded with her so well. You would be happy in her room. Would chat endlessly with her. Would sleep next to her when I could not make you sleep. It was a pleasant sight to see you both curled on the edge of a huge double bed.

When you were barely 17 days old , you had your first flight to delhi. And you met your entire extended family except your mama mami. You met your twin cousin and it was pleasant sight to have 2 of you side by side. It was instantly concluded that you were brat and "gambhir" and she was smiling and "shaant" , as if you cared :P You continued to be a brat throughout the trip , crying at the drop of hat :) But who are we to blame you , a tiny little one anyways has a lot to adjust with and you were being exposed to so many new faces, sounds, weathers. I am proud that you braved it all !! We came back home after your first diwali and family get togethers :)

Second to fourth month

We were on our own. You and I. Your bhaiya would go to school and your papa to office. And we have a good time with each other. With no one around , I really felt you , smelt you hugged you and kissed you. We bonded like no one else. The moment I recall that this won't last when I start work , I would shudder. How will I manage without seeing you ?

You bonded so well with your brother as well. He will climb on your crib and talk to you endlessly. Or he will have you on his bed (HIS bed only) and sing "Dhingachika" to you. Sometimes you would spend an hour with each other. It was your private time and I was called only when a nappy change / burp was required. I also looked forward to this time for two selfish reasons , one , it was so rewarding to see you both happy and content just being with each other , two , I had some time of my own ..15 mins at a stretch before another nappy change :) How he worries and takes care of you is beyond my imagination. He would run around the house to fetch nappies and towels. He would change sheets in your crib and cradle. He would check you every 5 mins , sometimes every 5 seconds to see if you are wet. He would shout louder than you when you are uncofortable , "mumma dekho isse kya ho gaya..jaldi"

Your papa had little time with you but whatever time you had with each other you spent them fruitfully. You both would inspect each other's face for changing expressions. You would flaunt your million dollar smile and he would swell in pride. Your eyes would glitter and he would realize his love for you. However no one can disturb your dad when he has a news paper in his hand or when he is deep in his thoughts. On such times , you would sit happily in his lap and READ the paper with him. Or you would sit on his arm on his side as he paced up and down the living room in his thoughts. You never disturb him with crying or blabbering. I realized that just being with him means a lot to you and no words or constant blabbering is necessary. And with your dad's constant effort and loads and loads of patience you achieved another milestone. You learnt to feed yourself with a bottle , making me feel relaxed , happy and sad. Ofcourse someday you would understand why happy and sad at the same time.

Fifth month to now

I started working however not for full day. The uncertainities at work have allowed me to spend little extra time with you but even then I stay away for good 4-5 hours. You have been managing well , initially with dadu dadi and now just with dadi.

After the hospital days , you never really liked to sleep next to me. Believe me, I never slept over your arm but probably you understood the nurse :-P. You are happy when you sleep in your cradle and restless on the bed. So you sleep in your cradle at most times, even nights. When hungry you don't cry but you call. I love your way of doing so. You actually don't cry for hunger unless I give you a deaf ear for long.

The day you completed your 5th month we did havan, sort of annprashan, for you and fed you a spoonful of rice. However you did not like it much. After trying rice for few days , we resolved to moong dal and then khichdi , foods that your brother also loved as baby. But unlike your brother , you hated banana. I realized that I have a fussy eater in making , unlike my elder one. One cannot be equally blessed twice.

You rolled for the first time , somtime in your fifth month but that was only for recording the milestone. You decided not to repeat the effort unless absolutely necessary. Recently you repeated the effort a few times but only on desperate need.
Neverthless you manage to get what you want , by twisting and rotating and then twisting again. If nothing works , you use your vocal cords. Success is all that matters after all.

You have filled our monotonous life with daily surprises. Your smiles make our days bright. Your bonding with your brother , makes life worth.

I so want these days to last longer but I know soon you will half an year old. And in no time you will be half a decade old , just like your brother. Time passes and it passes fast. Grow up well my little one ! Hugs !