11 January 2011

Socho ki phulo ka shehar ho...aur usme kaun ho ?

Today during bath :

Mumma : "Socho ki phoolo ka shehar ho"

Aryan : "Lehro pe apna ek ghar ho "

Mumma : "Aryan ho Mumma ho Papa ho"

Aryan : "Baby ho"

Mumma : :-P

NOPE , there is no baby as of now , not even in making , however thats on his mind , thanks to all his friends with siblings , he wants "Aryan ka baby".

7 January 2011

The P word

Yeah , he is all fasicinated by the P word these days and its a part of all conversations and fantasies.
We have been trying all tricks and tactics to avoid the use of P word but its not helping much.

So day before yesterday I told him , that you should not say "P****" all the time
He asks "why"
And I tell him , because "P**** is dirty"

Here is the after effect of the conversation :

Today Morning , "Aryan , take your bath"
"Because you are dirty"
"Mumma , P**** bhi dirty hoti hai , main usko bhi bath kara dunga"

4 January 2011

Talking Talking and Talking

is what he is upto these days.  He talks a LOT !! And he broadcasts everything. And he mimicks all of us. And he tells everyone that he has become naughty :P

And he makes me feel like ..ummm ..what do I do with this guy ..grrrrr !! But he is a cutie ..grrrr !!! :-)

Some snippets :

We made a birthday card Aryan's dadi's birthday to surprise her when she comes and the guy calls dadi to tell .."Dadi maine aapke liye card banaya"

Fine ..one surprise gone ..the next day we order a cake and before we can get out of the shop , he calls her again to give the update :P

One of the days , my stomach is upset and I puked early in the morning. I am happy that the in-laws have gone for their morning walk and I won't be questioned about ***early morning puking***.

As soon as they are back , "Dadi jab mumma ne vomit kiya tha na….."

Dadi : "Kab ?"

Aryan : "Abhi jab aap walk karne gaye the"

He does something to irritate me and then before I can say something , he comes up with my reaction.

"Aryan , Mumma ko pareshaan mat karo"

And then he says :"main mumma ki nakal kar raha hoon"

and then again thinks of my reaction and says that

"aryan aap bahut maughty ho gaye ho"

"aryan mumma ki nakal nahi karte"

and then he giggles :P

He does something naughty in the morning and then giggles and tells me : " Mumma main subah bhi naughty ho gaya hoon" "Main sare time naughty ho gaya"

Then in the evening again he does something funny and says "Mumma main shaam ko bhi naughty ho gaya " "Main 10 times naughty ho gaya hoon"


..is back.

Every sentence these days has WHY or KYO ?

Yesterday :

"Mumma paani mein dalne se kapde gile kyo ho jate hai "
Mumma scratching her head for an apt answer
Meanwhile son pops out the answer himself :
"Kyunki paani geela hota hai na !!!"

P.S : The lazy Mumma will try to post more often !! And the Cutie Aryan wishes everyone Happy New Year !