4 March 2013

Khushi means ?

Khushi  means  happiness , NOOOOOO , Khushi  means naughtiness
Yes , I changed the meaning and to know why you should come to my home. But here is a warning. Don't be shocked to see food , water , utensils , toys all over the place.Because me and my maid do not have the stamina to clean as much as she has to create the mess.
She runs to the food at the sight of it , only to spread it all around her. She wants to drink a glass of water , sorry bath with a glass of water , every few hours.
She loves to do pee and then clean it with the nearest available cloth.
She loves to throw stuff off the balcony. We need to be extra careful to avoid someone from being injured,
Bathrooms neeed to be judiciously closed , since she doesnot not have any sense of hygiene.
Toilet training is nowhere in sight. She does tell about susu but just before 10 seconds and then happily sits and does the job.
She does tell about potty but after she is done. Even if she tells before, she refused to do it on the seat.
I have been VERY lazy and not even attempted weaning her off the bottle. I should do that SOOOON!
She has started to run , literally ! And she runs as soon as you want to put her some clothes , not because she doesnot want that but because she finds it a good game and then she will giggle !!
And she is trying to speak everything however nothing comes out too clearly as of now.
She can say the following :
Gog , goggy , gogo  - dog , doggy, bhobho (And she is crazy for them !!!!)
Bhaaai , Baaaiiiiya, Bhaaaaya
Mumma , Ma
Papa , Paaapaaai (if she is too excited)
Khaya (When you ask khana khaya)
Byeee (followed by flying kiss)
Nai (to bath)
Booo (Book , she always takes one and gives the other to you)
Baaaa - Ball
Brr - Bird
Hoooo - sound of excitement
Papa Seee -- when she wants to show some of her antics to papa
Aayi - when you call her
Paai - Paani
Dudu - Doodh
Paati - Potty
Aaaty - Aunty

And what else does she love ?
To pull bhaiya's ears or hit him when he is sleeping
To eat bindis and erasers and CREAM
To sit on small foot stones
To pull off stuff from tables / kitchen table
To play Peekaboo (TAAAAA)


  1. Mazaa aa gaya padh kar :)

  2. such a cute post and fun read. She must be such an innocent baby and apple of ur eyes is fun child, it seems:)