23 January 2013

Aaaaa aaa

Khushi has 2 small soft toys Ducky Lucky and Baby (Pooh Bear). She loves to pat them to sleep. She will hold them on her lap or upright on her shoulder and pat them to sleep ..saying aaaaa aaa.

Interestingly when I want to put her to sleep and she is active and playing , I simply start putting her ducky lucky and baby to sleep. She then comes running and claims her right. On her mom and not on the babies :-) The babies are thrown away and she lies next to me.

And when she is sleepy but has too much to play then she just keeps walking around patting her chest and saying aaaa. Who says you cannot sleep while playing :)

1 comment:

  1. She sounds super cute.

    I wonder when Nishka will learn to sleep on her own..sigh...

    Apparently she doesn't fuss at sleep times in the daycare but only with Mumma is BIG TIME fussy when it comes to time to sleep :(