17 April 2008

Chef in making - Part 2

I am sure you remember the Chef in making post. He reassures that he will not let me down and will become the chef (Master of cooking as Chubbocks said!!) some day.

2-3 days back in the evening, when my cook came, Aryan was playing with the pressure cookers and Kadai in the living room (Control ..there is more to laugh!!!) and so I asked him to give those to Uncle (cook) to make the food.

He obeyed me as the most obedient child in the world and went and gave all the vessels to the guy, one after the other.

But this is just half the story... He is obeying me every day since that day...To the extent that he picks and give everything needed for cooking to the cook. What if he needs one cooker and one pan ...we have 2 cookers and 2 pans...Why not use all??

The poor guy has to tell him, I need only one beta, but would our little chef listen. He will again attempt to give him another cooker, till Mumma drags him out of the kitchen.

NOW, On second thoughts I am planning to make pay cut for the cook to 75 %, since we already have a assistant to him...what do you think :-)


  1. hehehe..sho sweet!

    And the days when the cook is on chhutti, you know who will take over the kitchen from you :D

  2. uh oh....the cook does not realise that the other cooker and other pan is for Aryan, so he can follow what the cook uncle does:)

  3. That's so cute - I bet the cook appreciates the "help"...BTW where's the tag???

  4. So cute...so cute...Soon he will be a master cook...

  5. obiedient and a chef in the making!!

    some woman otha than his mom is going to get really lucky!! hehe!!

    cute post!! :)

  6. lovely! and soooo cute! :)