25 March 2009

Adult Talk!

  • Mumma removed her bangle , so he says "Mumma bangle pehno , bahut nice hai."
  • After office , "Mumma dress change kar lo".
  • Papa wears a jeans and realizes its not properly ironed so take it off immediately , so he comments "Papa choti hai pant ?"
  • Mumma walks bare foot , "Mumma Chappal pehno."
  • Mumma ready for office , "Mumma lets go."
  • Mumma offers something , "No don't want."
  • Mumma doesnot offer something , "I want this".
  • Mumma/Papa touches, fiddle , plays, moves his engine , " No my this"
  • Ready on a weekend , "Chalein Papa car chailen"
  • Papa is missing on a weekend , Mumma tells he has gone out on work, "Mumma auto chailen Gumma".
  • Mumma wants to watch TV , "No Mumma , no TV , Light band, Ninna"
  • In the park , Mumma introduces him to a girl , Jhanvi, he pays no attention and says "Chota Jhanvi"
  • In the park , sees the merry go round , "Mumma I want round round".
  • On the Merry go round , "Mumma I want fast"


  1. Hahahaha..loved the "Papa choti hai pant ?"

    Very cute :D

  2. Mumma auto chailen Gumma - rhyming words :P. LOL @ "Chota Jhanvi".
    Very sweet post.

  3. wow! thats a whole lot of talking! :D

    all cute and fun!! :D


  4. Wow...how amazing is Aryan...and oh so cute.....
    Love all the baby-adult-like talk that they do....I am enjoying my son's talking too !!

  5. my my u have one cute little chatterbox on ur hands :)