17 March 2009

Of Teaching and Speaking

Mumma : Aryan nose ?
Aryan points to his nose.
Mumma : Aryan tongue ?
Aryan points to his tongue.
Mumma : Hands ?

Mumma thinks PERFECT!!! ..Aryan told everything perfect !! Mumma sees papa lying next to them..something lights up in her head.

Mumma : See Aryan Moustache ..thats papa's Mush!
Aryan : Mush ! (pulls papa's mush to make him shout :D)
Aryan : (Trying to find his own under his nose) Aryan Mush Tutu :(

(Tutu ..is Broken in baby language ! )


  1. Broken moustache LOL!
    So sweet :)

  2. awwww! thats so adorable!

    Cubby keeps looking for his tail when i ask him! :p yeah i am mean that way! hehe!



  3. babies have their own logic for everything!

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