21 July 2008

A Three Day Birthday!

Birthdays are always special and his was special too , in its own little ways,

My parents came on 18th for his birthday , a kick start to birthday !! He was thrilled to see them. And the gifts they got for him. So here is how was his 3 day birthday!

He went with his papa and Nanu to get his bicycle assembled and and was happy to get his first vehicle on 19th , birthday gift 2 days in advance :D

After he came back I asked him to say thank you to Nanu and give him a kiss. He obeyed shyly. He said "Than Kuu" to nanu without looking at him from my lap , his first thank you to anyone ever and then he went running to give a kiss to nanu , his first kiss to nanu.

Plus there was a folding chair , that folds like an umbrella and Aryan enjoyed immitating Papa and Nanu :)

On sunday , we started off for a lunch to the place he enjoyed when we went there for the first time. He enjoyed this time as well and sat beside the pool. He actually wanted to jump in the pool , had I not been there. I did not let him due to recent cold and cough.

On the way back we went to Spar for our weekly grocery shopping and he kept on checking for his nanu nani and made sure that they don't go in different direction and sit in the car as we move.

In the evening , he took the nap he missed and then played and played and played. He also explored his new books sent to him as gift from Mamu.

While he played , I spread out a kiddy bedsheet on our bed (he sleeps with us) with Pooh bear and friends. So when he came to bedroom (at 11.30 after lot of pushing from us) he was thrilled to see the bedsheet. So while we were in bed he tried to push me to the edge , saying "Hato", to be able to see all the cartoons.

He did not sleep till 12 and played between both of us. So at 12 both of sang Happy Birthday to him and he was excited and happy and I could see an overwhemling expression in his eyes , which made my day ! Soon after receiving wishes , he started snoring and so did we.

Morning I got up usual and filled loads of balloons and pasted a birthday banner and few cartoon stickers. As soon as he woke up he was happy to see all that was around. Forgot about his morning milk for 30 minutes. He was told that it was his happy birthday today (he was being told from last few days) and he said , "Happy ady" , yeah something like that:)

All the family called up to wish him and who would not enjoy that attention. He was hugged and kissed every 5 minutes and he had a blast.

He was dressed up in a kurta pajama around 12 ish and and we went to his day care for cake cutting (Yeah we decided for afternoon , because all the kids of his age group are there and are active at that time , plus I have evening calls at office and cannot miss them). He thought we went to leave him , though I had told him that he will be back with us. Plus it was almost his nap time and so he wanted to sleep , attributed to late sleeping the previous day. So he did get a little cranky to see the day care. But the cake cutting went well. Kids were excited to see cake and whistles and masks and return gifts. All of them enjoyed and sang Happy Birthday and wished Aryan. Aryan enjoyed the attention and waved them bye in the end with flying kisses. He was too happy on way back home , attributed to all the attention and the fact that he will be going HOME with NANU NANI :)

I made him sleep as soon as we reached home and then Anupam I pushed off to our offices for the second half of the day. Night , we spent time chit chatting and playing with Aryan and having some good food.

So that was it ..the much awaited Birthday of my little prince !


  1. Waah..kya masti hai!

    Isko dekh kar mujhe ek gaana yaad aa raha hai "Hum bhi agar, bachhe hote.." :D

    And he is looking as adorable as ever!! I feel so sad that I get to meet him only once a year :(

  2. Awww....such a fun birthday.

    Shabaash to mummy for making the day so special for little Aryan!!

  3. :)

    awesome!! it seems like the perfect birthday!! big hugs to him!

    and where did ya get that chair from? LOVED him imitating his nanu on that!! wanna bu something similar for cubby! :)

    the bedspread also look very nice! all the gifts actually are really cool!1

    here wishing him an even better year ahead! :)



  4. Bad Bad Aunty, missed the cutie pie's birthday.
    But, looks like you had lotsa fun. Birthday with mummy, papa, nanu, nani's are the best, isn't it?
    Here's wishing you a wonderful year ahead and many many more years of such fun and happy years ahead.

  5. Very good swathi...for making his day...very good
    Hats off to you

  6. happy b'day kidd!!! wishing you many many more such love filled birthdays... your Bhuwan uncle and Manasi aunty are really looking forward to meeting you when they return to India. even though your loving mumma has already given you the biggest gift of love but we would like to gift you something too :o) do tell us ... we are waiting :o)

  7. that was a fun filled birthday for sure! Good that you could take some time off from work. Such a loving mom you are.

  8. Lucky boy!! Glad everyone had a blast

  9. Looks like he had a whole week of fun filled b'day happiness :) Lovely pictures :)

  10. ~nm : Yeah..kash hum bhi bache hote :) Why once in a year , you are always welcome here !

    Monika : Dhanyavad !

    Abha : Thank you Thank you Thank you ! My Pa got the chair from Meerut I guess.

    DDMom : Aryan doesnot mind Aunty , he knows that you have been busy.

  11. Bhuwan Uncle & Manasi Aunty : Thank you sooooooo much ! You come here and that would be Aryan's gift :) Somehow , though he have never seen , spoken to any of his chacha (atleast in his memory) and he have never seen us saying Chacha to anyone (our chachas' are far off) Chacha is one of his first words :)

  12. PG , K3 and Neera : Thanks a ton !

  13. Such a cool, fun way to celebrate a b'day! Lovely pics. and Aryan looks so adorable. :) You're such a wonderful mom, Swati, for making it all happen. The gifts are awesome, too.

  14. WoW! Looks like you guys had loads of fun :)

  15. WOw...you guys did have a nice time. Aryan must have really enjoyed himself.

    The gifts are wonderful. Loved the book. Whats the name of that book? Will try to get a similar one for Jason.

    Happy birthday dear Aryan. God bless you...

    Lots of hugs

  16. yay!!
    birthdays are so much fun!!

    happy bday buddy!

    cant wait for my first..gonna milk mommy daddy dry!!

  17. superb post. i just love the way you can recount events so well. u did the same with the Brigade Millenium meet as well. it almost felt like i was there the entire three days!!!

    the bedsheet was the cutest. and my fav snaps are the one where he is next to his nana-nanu, looking so smug and proud to be among special people!

    once again, wishing him a lovely year ahead!

  18. Oh ur sun is soooo cute....... :)