16 September 2009

Role Play

Role play is a favourite game at this age. Till now it was only limited to humans.

Like Aryan playing papa and Mumma playing mumma and Aryan's car playing papa's car and we go and buy veggies from uncle (invisible) who sits on ironing table selling vegetables.

Or like Mumma playing A and Aryan playing B kids of the day care.

But these days its different.

It goes like this :

"Mumma , I cockroach , You lizard"

I wonder whats next !!


  1. Ha ha ha....I am still laughing at the cockroach and lizard role play !!! What imagination these kids have !! amazing !!
    Just last night in my house, we were the Mufasa Family: Papa = Mufasa; Me = Sarabi, and Aadi = Simba !!!
    He kept talking to us like Simba does in 'The Lion King' and we had to reply accordingly !! or else the the lines were repeated !!

  2. Ha ha ha Lizard n Cockroach :P

  3. LOL... in our house lil p is always the butterfly.. n mom n dad can be other insects ;)

  4. Lol.......Aryan is so much fun!!

  5. Ha ha, that was truly funny. My nephew said to my mom once 'dadi me boy you girl lets dance around the trees' after watching a bollywood song.

  6. @Neelum : Talking like Simba is so cute!

    @Swaram :)

    @Shruthi : So you are mosquito or cockroach ?

  7. @MonikaAnsh : Yeah !

    @mnamma : :-)

    @Aparna : Dancing around trees ..what ideas they have

  8. ahh..lizard....that is great. Even this Aryan is like this.
    Yesterday he was spider man and I was octavis man it seems. I just wish both our Aryan's meet...they have so much in common

    Aryan's Mom

  9. LOL! This is quite innovative... we play tiger and rabbit and Baloo and Mogli teacher-student etc...
    LOLing still..

  10. Hey, there's an award for you on my blog...please collect it and pass it on...

  11. eep.. those are the characters assigned?? and then what? u have to chase him n eat him up? :P

  12. Probably a boy thing. I must just be happy with pink princess then. no lizard.. no cockroach.. pl :)
    This pretend play thingee is darn cute and its fun to see how much they stretch their imagination. Here, we have D's restaurant, and god forbid anyone eats there without washing their hands :) Uncle on ironing table selling veggies. LOL! cute..

  13. hehe! only time will tell what next! :)