29 September 2008

Titbits about Talking

I am back in office today after a bad bad week of Aryan being unwell. He looked fine today though appetite is almost nil. Lets us see how he recovers.

As of now some titbits about him talking. These days he tries to say all the words but nothing sounds like it should :D

1. As we all know about his love for cooking , these days he cooks in his OOKER (Cooker) , makes mumma taste , Mumma tells him that MNAK(Namak aka salt) is less and so some virtual salt is added to make the food YUMMY!

2. When papa mumma doesnot listen to Aryan's calls , he comes holds our hand and says "Papa getup!" , "Mumma getup!"

3. He loves haldirams khata meetha mixture and asks for it like "ATA EETA".

4. He says Happy Birthday to his toys like "HAPPY TO YOU!"

5. He says I LOVE YOU to his mumma like "I LUU U"

6. When he hits , bites or pinches and Mumma tells him , "NO HITTING,NO PINCHING, NO BITING" , he tells mumma "ARYAN BAHAR" , so he knows that the punishment is timeout in balcony with door closed (I did only once for 40 secs) and then immediately starts kissing mumma. Sometimes he bites me and tells "ARYAN KAATA"

7. You also know how much he loves washing clothes. So past week , with he being at home he wanted to wash clothes every day and since Mumma used to tell him no , he used to approach papa , "PAPA PACHIN" ," PAPA ACHHING PACHIN" (Papa Washing Machine). Papa would melt instantly , with Aryan being unwell and I do not know if two of them washed some washed clothes also ..LOL :D

Few more words that bring smiles are :

Andal : Sandal

Aupum : Anupam

Aati : Swati

Uuma : Ghumma (going for outing)

Uuaah : Muaah (he tells how older kids kiss him in day care)

There have to be many more but I cannot recall. Let me work now , as I am back after almost a week. Enough for the post anyways :-)


  1. LOL! that nice Aryan-speak... :)
    Good to know that he is doing well.

  2. Cute :)

    Hope his appetite gets back to normal too. Medications do really bring their appetite down big time.

  3. that is so sweet :) :) great to know that he is feeling good now

  4. so very sweet! May God bless him. And don't worry about appetite, it will come soon and then you can stuff him with all the good things. Now shall I start giving you a typical Indian lecture about what all is good and healthy once a child is recovering? Well, I'm sure you know more about it than me! :D

  5. oh so cute...I hope he is fine now...
    so started calling Mamma and papa by name??? good good enjoy the days

  6. Aww, so cute. Hopw he is back to his normal self now.

  7. i love kiddy talk...

    his appetite will improve slowly tho you may feel bad seeing him fuss...

  8. they sound so cute when they are learning to talk!! :)

    i can imagine him having full conversations in his toddler talk! :)



    ps: hope he is fully OK shokay now!