14 September 2009

A child's Enthusiasm!

On Sunday night , I woke up around 3 / 4 AM with Aryan's kick on my tummy. There was no power (and generator was not switched on ..wonder why ) , so night lamp was not on. It was raining heavily outside. Aryan was twisting and turning.

He : "Mumma , Rain Rain".
I : "yes".
He : "Umbrella"
I : "No Aryan its night , sleep"

He keeps quiet and kept turning sides. Kept banging his hand /leg /whatever on whatever parts of my body , just to make sure I don't sleep. I kept telling him to sleep.

It seemed like an hour or more , I kept trying to make him sleep in all possible ways , hugging , cuddling , patting , showing off that I slept but nothing worked.

I : "Aryan , Are you Hungry ?"
He : "No"
I : "Want Milk"
He : "No"
I : Want to Pee"
He : "No"
I : "Tummy mein pain hai"
He : "No"
I : "Then why dont you sleep"
He : "Rain Rain"
I : "Yeah , but thats outside , sleep please"

No luck. It was 6 in the morning and the alarm rang. Then the maid knocked. I opened the door. Aryan is wide awake , happily sitting. I am visually pissed off and sleep deprived. Husband wakes up and I had a out burst ,"Its been 3 hours , he is not sleeping ....."

And now its husband's turn to take care of him and I went off for a power nap of 30 minutes.

I woke up after 30 minutes and I see Aryan is sleeping peacefully.

I asked hubby , "What did you do , I tried everything"
Hubby : "Nothing , he was excited about the rain and wanted to see rain "
I : "Ya , I know at midnight"
Hubby : "So I took him in the balcony , he stood there with his umbrella for 5 minutes watching the rain , then I asked him to come inside and he came and cuddled with me and slept in 2 seconds"
I : "OMG"
Hubby : "Thats known as a child's enthusiasm. He was not sleeping in excitement"


  1. lol.........hubby having maternal instincts, eh?
    But difficult to figure that one out. Even I would have not thought abt it the way your hubby did. Seems he reads up a lot on child psycology.

  2. Smart thinking there na :) All he wanted ws to see the rain :) Hw sweet :)

  3. How sweet !!
    Kids do love the simple pleasures of life...and we sometimes don't understand what all the enthusiasm is all about...
    How thoughtful of ur hubby to satiate Aryan's hunger for seeing the rain....

  4. very very true... ojas does like that too sometimes

    ur hubby is good at it naturally i guess :)

  5. LOL! Yeah, sometimes their wants are quite simple! Quite a thoughtful daddy I must say!

  6. wow..he is really enhusiastic...next time when it rains..now Mommy knwos how to handle him...
    Aryan's Mom

  7. @Monika&ANsh : Lol !! He does not read , just that it clicked for him and not me , probably since i was sleep deprived. I mean how can you think someone wants to see rain at 3 AM. 6 Am is better isn't it ?

  8. @Swaram : Yeah ..Smart thinking for sure

  9. @Neelum : Yes I was surprised my both of them actually ..by Aryan's enthu and hubby's thoughtfulness :)

  10. @Monika : Lol ! But sure he is better than me at times :)

    @Uma : Lots of compliments for him..will pass on !

    @Aryan : You better tell mumma and stop the guessing game

  11. That was easy for him.. yeah sometimes we dont seem to connect with them...

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  12. this amkes your life simple! next time just wake up the hubby and say you so good at it! :D

    but good thinking by him! M also does that a lot! :)