11 May 2008

A Typical Day at Home!

So all of you who ask what did I do over a holiday / saturday /sunday and I reply with "we were at home" , this is what we do :-)

- Aryan gets up late by 9.00 - 10.00 (anti-jinx) , (and this is a recent development , he used to get up at 7.00 am) and so mumma gets to sleep till around 8.00. After which mumma , makes tea and do the tiny-winy tasks till the time Aryan gets up.

- Mumma and Aryan snuggle and cuddle either in bed or in Mumma's lap and loads of kisses and hugs get showered from both ends.

- Aryan demands to switch on his favourite DVD, which he does not watch , just listens as he has his milk and then plays with Mumma Papa.

- Since he gets up so late , he breakfast is usually short , like just a fruit or few bites from mumma's plate.

- Then Aryan demands to bath and he baths and baths till he is forced out of the bathroom , which is complimented by a big tantarum.

- By the time tantarum is over, Aryan is all dressed up and we play again.

- Meanwhile Mumma struggles to make the lunch which would also serve as a brunch for Aryan. This sometimes triggers some tantarums as Aryan demands to be carried by Mumma (and Mumma ONLY) so that he can observe and learn all the cooking ..ALL THE COOKING. So in the process Mumma gets bitten several times when she fails to carry him.

- Aryan is served with his brunch on his high chair. But just after few bites , Aryan wants to jump off and roam around. After much of trying he convinces mumma to set him free. So he roams around the house and comes running to take a bite when Mumma prods (anti-jinx again..).

- Then we play again. The playing includes all or some of,

Cooking , with both pressure cooker , some potatos , some tomatoes and gas lighter , all in the room . Mumma papa get to taste the yummy food cooked by Aryan.

Playing with his Fisher Price shape sorter blocks , where Mumma Papa are supposed to clap and say 'very good', each time Aryan sorts the shapes correctly.

Playing with his favourite mug , where Aryan immitates the aunty (maid) who comes in the morning and cleans the mug.

Cuddling,Tickling by both Mumma and Papa.

Playing Throw-Catch when all the three players sit on different seats and play with the blue ball.

Watching Aryan's snaps on computer.

Kissing and hugging the soft toys and fighting with papa over his sofa.

Hide and seek between the rooms and balcony with Mumma where Aryan finds the hiding Mumma.

- Meanwhile Aryan hears the washing machine's beep of completion and comes running with a tub and forces Papa or Mumma to take the clothes out. The clothes are then carried to balcony by Aryan and Mumma/Papa , where each person holds the tub from one side.

- After much of playing , when its around 2.00 -2.30 , Aryan gets tired for an afternoon nap and dozes off in Mumma's / Papa's lap , while mumma papa finish their bath, food, sleep etc.

- Aryan gets up after a long nap , demands to switch on his DVD again and all the playing is repeated in random order.Meanwhile Mumma again tries to cook evening snacks and dinner while Aryan wants to stay in her lap for all the cooking.

- After dinner , Aryan takes both Mumma and Papa to bedroom and then we all study Animals. We also study body parts sometimes , using the Pooh book. We don't like to study vegetables though.

- Then Aryan do all the cleaning of the side rack near our bed. All the things are placed on bed one by one ane when the rack is empty , Aryan says "Kham" , short form of "Khatam" , meaning "Finish". This process is repeated N number of times.

- Meanwhile Mumma Papa start feeling sleepy while Aryan is still active and is jumping on bed. Finally Mumma -Papa switch off the light. This again invites lot of crying for the "Aaight" , meaning "Light". Then he tries to impress papa mumma by telling something about cows,papa,auto ,bau bau,eyes etc etc (all the living non living things he knows about) and mumma keeps telling that all of them have slept already. Finally he gives in and dozes off.

- After an hour, you will see a Mumma sleeping in parallel to the wall, a papa almost falling off the bed and a baby making a bridge between them, sleeping happily with his head next to papa and feet next to Mumma :-)

P.S. : All the house chores done by Aryan are his own intiatives. Mumma Papa don't force him. So please don't sue us for child labour.


  1. sweet. what a perfect way to spend the weekend, huh?

  2. Enjoy it till it lasts! There will be days when he grows up when he wouldn't want much of your time! And that feels like a boon sometimes and sometimes you miss the cuddling and playing together!

  3. Oh no..it was so nice to read this post...I loved the way he enjoys...and tells you to on light....
    Hug to him..

  4. This was such a cute post! Aryan is such a cuty pie! So Adorable! And so smart too!

  5. You are so nice to me always..dear..see my blog

  6. it sounds just so perfect!! (touchwood!)

    hugs to Aryan!! :)


  7. Sounds like a fun weekend! :)

  8. A very very fun and happy weekend routine. Enjoy it to the tee!! :) Hugs to little Aryan.

  9. ohh, fun weekend! touch wood...enjoy yourself :)

  10. Cute post. Am tempted to do one, will be nice to look back when we are old and won't have anything to do :)

  11. Nice post. Esp enjoyed the cute words 'Kham' ,'aight' etc. Iam a little envious that he gets up at 9.00 on the weekends. Apple is up at 7.00 waking us up.

  12. :) nice post... so a perfect weekend with Aryan :) and LOL @ the disclaimer :)

  13. ohmigod, things just keep getting scarier. our cub is approaching the wonderful ones and seems HE can't wait for the Terrible Twos either...

    thanks for visiting my blog. your blog and indeed all these bangalore-mom blogs are such fun to read--- in a scary sort of way.


  14. Don't they demand attention!! Loved best the mamma and Aryan snuggle and cuddle part...it's so sweet, and probably the most precious ...