2 April 2009

Kya Yehi Pyar Hai ...

In Aryan's daycare there is a little girl A. She lives in our apartment only. I always knew that they are friends but now , I am not sure if its just plane friendship ;-)

They both start jumping looking at each other. In the morning and also in the evening at the park. A usually goes to the park every day since her father works from home and is able to pick her in day light. We try to take Aryan to park whenever we can. So whenever we come early , we just dump bags and run for park.

Earlier I used to change Aryan's dress / sandals to shoes but now he does not have patience for that too. If I ask him to change he would tell me , "dress gili hai" meaning all the dresses are wet and so nothing to change :-P

There are days when we run to reach the park only to find that A is not there. On those days I try to encourage him to play with other kids But witness his reactions on few of such days.

Day 1 : After 5-10 minutes of waiting and loitering around , he stands tall on the top of the slide to see as far as possible and says with a sad face "A nahi aayi"
Day 2: Very excited to play with A , disappointed to not to find her , cries and comes back home.
Day 3 : A is not in play area, "Mumma no jhula, Gumma, lets go" , meaning lets walk around to see if A is playing somewhere else in the campus.
Day 4 : " After 15 minutes of waiting , "Papa lets go Ghar, mosquitoes"

And some incidents as told by day care teacher.

Incident 1 : Aryan and V (a boy) fought and so the teacher made them sit far for few minutes. A comes hold one hand of both of them and all the three start dancing.
Incident 2 : Aryan told A that V has hit him. A goes and hits V left and right. Comes back and Aryan and A play happily together.

And you know exchanging hearts is so old fashioned , these days its different.

Yesterday night in bed , Aryan holds his feet in hands and says "A ka hai" (this is A's feet), so I asked , ok where is yours and he says "A paas" (Thats with A).

He also insisted to call A to sleep with all of us yesterday but understood when I told him that A likes to sleep with her mom just like you do.

Now after reading all this , what do you say ?



    super super cute!! :D

  2. Hilarious! And the new generation exchanging feet is it :P

  3. :) cute... kids r faster than us ;)

  4. Awww.......u've already lost him, have u? lol.............:)

  5. hahaha...not quite unbelievable i must say....my 4 yr old nephew has almost same story...and coincidently his "friend" is also "A" :)

  6. i could not stop laughing. So So SO cute of Aryan.

    Exchanging feet ? LOL

  7. It's so cute when they have their first crushes...Chubbocks is in that phase now, goes all beetroot red and turns his face away when we even mention her name

  8. OMG!! so sweet.. I love the feet incident..