14 January 2008

Aryan's Vocabulary

We, parents are so greedy you know. The kids do something new and we are happy and then we start waiting for the next new thing. And the irony is that at each point of time , we keep missing our new born babies too. I read a post on JLT and Moppet about Sonny Boy's and Moppet's Talks and I started waiting for Aryan to talk.Then I thought ,Give him break yaar , he just started walking :-)

Any ways , here is his current vocabulary.

"Mumma" : To call me

"Papa" : To call his father. This is his most loved word. I wonder , if sometimes he calls me also "Papa"

"Bhaaau" and "Bau Bau" : At the sight of a dog in his book or elsewhere.

"Uaaaah" : Thats a roar ..and you know Lion , elephant and cow ..all talk alike ..all of them roar.

"Appae" : Thats APPLE. Sometimes all fruits are addressed as APPLE.

"Aaa" : To call someone

"A U-shaped face" : Chickoo. You try calling chickoo and you will have a U-shaped face in the end.

Well tht vocabulary is huge like "Aaaaaaaah", "Unhhh", "Baaa","Aaanh" etc , only that I cannot make sense out of it.

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  1. uaaahhh..that is cute..All animlas talk alike!!! I am sure you will have more vocabulary and your mumma will not understand that..

    Aryan's mom