13 January 2008

Why did you do that Mumma ?

It was somewhere in the first week of November 2007.Little Aryan was very happy today. He was on vacation with Mom-Dad to Dadi's place. More fun was that, his cousin brothers , Uncles and Aunts all were there. So they were all enjoying time. That day he had even his great grand parents visiting him. Everyone was busy chatting with them in the living room. Kids were having a great time in Dadi's bedroom , with TV and their toys. Little Aryan was crawling in and out of the bedroom to the living room.He was energetic and happy.

Suddenly he coughed and pink coloured watery saliva came out of his mouth.Everyone got alert and worried. What has happened to him ? Mumma poked her finger into his mouth forcefully.Aryan did not like it and started crying. See what comes out. A BIG PINK CANDY :-O Everyone was looking at each other. Some worried and some astonished. Some of them was laughing. Mumma and Taiji asked all the kids , as to how did Aryan got the Candy. The youngest of them replied ,"Maine Diya , woh maang raha tha."Little Aryan did not understand what has happened. He was so much enjoying the CANDY given to him by his cousin.Mumma threw the Candy away :( and told Bhaiya to not to give him anymore :(

Till today he wonders ,"WHY? Mumma could have asked Bhaiya to giver her one. Instead she threw away mine. Mumma is such a meanie, cheater,J."

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  1. Oh no Chubby Aryan..When you grow your mumma will give you more. YOu have tiny budding teeth now and it should not be damaged...
    Aryan's mom