21 January 2008

Silly Celebrations !

Aryan turned 18 months yesterday. And his hair cut was due since long.We clubbed the two occasions.

I came home at 4.30 and arranged a small surprise for Aryan. Then went back and we both picked up Aryan from day care to the salon.

He cried his heart out there. But when he reached home ..omg ..what a smile that was...to see the baloons and teddy bear and Bhau Bhau amd Baaall and Mickey all waiting for him at one place. Then there was cake , Halwa and popkorn.

He really enjoyed the day!!

Stage set for the VIP

The Goodies

The VIP enjoying the attention

"Ohh ..You Missed writing my Name"

"Gimme the Cake"

"Yummy !!"

"It was Tasty"

"Look at my CAKEY Face :-P"


  1. Awww!! That was such a wonderful thing to so! Why call it silly?? I think it was simply awesome!!

    And the way he is enjoying it says it all!! :D

    Aryan, I wish you happy, healthy and wonderful times ahead with such loving parents!!

  2. Happy and nice time ahead chubby aryan.
    Very sweet of you swathi..to arrange a surprise party for him..The teddy loooks very very very cute..
    Even his freind aryan has the Bow Bow toy and he gets scared by seeing that..
    Aryan's mom

  3. so sweet! I love the setup and his expression - he looks like a king :) creative way to honor 18m!

  4. Happy 18 months!!
    The surprise was too cute :)