9 January 2008

Innovative Ways to Trouble Mumma

To run away , does not matter crawling or walking , when mumma has already removed the wet nappy and wants to put a fresh one.

To lie down on my tummy , when Mumma is trying to apply cream on my cheeks and then laugh.

To demand for wearing shoes 24/7, even in bed.

To find my old , worn out black and white (zebra kinds) socks from dirty clothes , washed and wet clothes or from any other possible place in the house and demand to wear them.

To insist to walk on road , busy running road.

To demand for playing with ball, when Mumma is eating.

To demand for a bath at the site of running water.

To try to reach the kitchen plateform and catch hold of whatever , knife ,food, even gas knob.

To cling to Mumma's legs as soon as she gets into kitchen.

To hold Mumma's finger and take her for a walk , when she is super busy with something else.


  1. LOL!!!
    That's what kids are for! :)

  2. LOL - Thats funny. Unfortunately my son is going through the same phase.

    Reading you previous posts made me realize that our sons are just a few weeks apart! My son is turning 18 months next week, how time flies.

    So, here's food for thought - even with all the "troubles" they puts us through, we wouldn't change a thing, would we?

  3. Asha : Yeah Yeah !

    K3 : Welcome here :) Yes I wouldn't change a thing. Esp the winning and naughty laugh after he successfully troubles me.

  4. My chubby Aryan..you are sweet dear. Even you freind loves to demand for bath when he sees water and also loves to wear a dress that has a girraff piture..

    Hats off to you
    Aryan's Mom

  5. Hi, Aryan. Nice tricks you get up to. I see that you are a few months older than my little one.

    She loves to run away from me at nappy changing time too. I think 'being free' multiplies your delight several-fold.