7 October 2008

Mumma Kaun ?

He asks me to cover my self with the blanket as soon as we are in bed. When I do so , he asks me to keep my hands under the blanket and carefully tucks the blanket on sides.(I never did the same for him , atleast in his memory and I do not know from where he learnt this.)Then he lovingly keeps his hand on my cheek , the way I used to do some days back, till my hands were not buried under the blanket.

He asks me to go for bath , soon after he finishes his.

He doesnot allow me to walk bare foot for a second and runs to get my slippers each time he sees me barefoot.

He demands his Papa to remove shoes after office and wear slippers and also to change to nightwear.

The other day , I could not change to night wear due to some guest at home and decided to change after putting Aryan to sleep , but he did not allow me to lie down before I changed.

Now , I have a doubt , who is the Mom here?

Editted to Add :Yesterday it was one step further. He moved his little fingers from my forehead through my hair. (It was heavenly !) and then he patted my head and goes like "Aaaa Ummmm Aaaa , Mumma mumma soja". Funny but so cute , isn't it ?


  1. Aww..he is such a adorable lil baby! Hugs!

  2. An interesting post! Sounds like such a loving child.

  3. Heheh!! Let him play mommy and enjoy being the child.

  4. too sweet! :)
    the child is the father of ... you have heard this one, right?

  5. sho shweet.. i need to do that to mommy too :-)

  6. he is just getting cuter by the minute i think!! :)


  7. Sooooo sweet! He is such a darling!

  8. True, they parent us half the time...he's looking all grown up and handsome. Kala Tikka.