2 June 2008

What not , for a SMILE !

These days , if you will see a guy with a beach hat and a dholak in our house. That is none other than the head of the family , my husband and Aryan's father. The guy has to do all that just to bring a smile on his son's face. The ritual is , as soon as father enters the bedroom , the toddler will come running with the hat and dholak. The father will wear the hat and 'drum' the dholak. This happens as many times a day as possible.


  1. Hahahaha..poor daddy!

    Why don't you click a pic next time?? :)

    I'm sure Anupam would be saying "kyaa kya karna padta hai bachhon ke liye!" :D

  2. Aww...so cute! We need a picture of the dholak wallah....lol.

  3. :D

    dad is acquiring a new skill set! ;)

  4. Hehe..these kids, they sure do have us dancing to their tunes :)

  5. LOL! That is so sweet of both papa and betu!