13 July 2007

Proud and Smiling Mommy

Its second week of his day care.Admist of all the adjustment issues and seperation anxiety that Aryan and his parents are going through, our prince brings some smiles to us.

Tuesday, my little prince bids a bye to me with a smile...a smile as in a BIG SMILE !! Aaah ! Could not forget that one till this moment.Thats a different story that the very next day , he refused to sit in car seat and cried all through the way.

Yesterday , he was complimented by the care taker , as in the smartest kid she has seen.I do not know if that was exaggeration , but then you know I am not a pessimist..;-)..hehehe. She said, he saw your car from the window and could recognize it and thats way too much for a kid of his age.Well , is that not enough to make me feel proud and smile.


  1. Ohh yes! How we mommies start bloating at the smallest of praises of our children! But again, for us mommies, no praise is small...right?

    Enjoy these moments mommy! :D

  2. hmmm... Congratulations on having a bright baby!

  3. God bless him :)
    Oh yes, it is a proud feeling!

  4. HDWK and WIAN ...thanks :)