3 February 2009

Candy on Loan

Yesterday evening Aryan suddenly wanted to have "chOklete". So since he had little sore throat I gave him cough drops. Thinking that its some new "chOklete" , aryan grabbed it. After sucking it for 2 minutes , he took it out and pushed it in his papa's mouth. Poor papa could not do much, while Aryan by that time demanded to have gems (sugar coated small choclate balls). So mumma gave him one while papa had the cough drops. But soon the gems was over and Aryan grabbed papa's mouth to get the candy back. Needless to say that candy was already over by that time. So Aryan started crying badly.
Now how was papa supposed to know that the candy was given only on loan and papa was supposed to suck it but not finish it :-P


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Tooo goood.

    I'm laughing really really hard!!!

  2. where do kids come up with these things from?! :D



  3. LOL! cutie pie! The pooer thing! Yes, what to do in such things?!