18 March 2010

Papa ka mush kahan gaya ?

This Sunday Aryan's Papa shaved off his moustache for the first time in his life. So after the event , he went to Aryan to see his reaction. And Aryan started giggling looking at papa.

Papa : "Kya hua "
Aryan : "Mush nikal diya" giggles
Aryan runs to the bathroom

Aryan : "Kahan rakha"
Papa : "Kya"
Aryan : "Aapne Mush kahan rakha "

LOL , he thought papa has removed his moustache and kept somewhere. Papa and Mumma had tough time to make him understand that it was shaved off just as beard.

Aryan's afterthoughts to the episode :

After an hour :
Aryan : "Mumma mujhe Mush lagana hai"

At bedtime :

Mumma : "Aryan Papa ka Mush kahan gaya"
Aryan : giggles "Potty Mein gaya" (Meaning : It got flushed off!!!)


  1. Lol How funny!! a similar scene at our place.. Pc started growing a french beard.. n lil p went.. papa don't kiss.. black black is there. n when he shaved it off she was like.. black black is gone.. did u hide it in the cupboard.. LOL. Kids are soo cute!
    N aryan's "Potty Mein gaya" made me laugh too! something even lil p would have also said!!

  2. LOL @ Potty mein gaya :P
    Black black in the cupboard .. ha ha ;)

  3. LOL!! DO draw him a mush with kajal if he wants it so badly :D

  4. haha! he is damn cute, i tell ya!! :)

    and very very observant!!