19 May 2008

Ask me what I know !

Aryan loves his 3 page Animal Board Book. So now he can tell all the animals on page 1. 1-2 Animals on page 2 and page 3.

So every night he asks me to tell all the animals , as in he will point on each animal and I am supposed to say the name. And then , he will open first page and as I name an animal, he points to the same.

Sometimes , I do not understand that he actually wants me to ask him the names of animals , and so he opens the page 1 and keep both his hands in air. Which means , Ask Me.
One day , he was on page 3 when I asked him to point an animal. So he told me the same and quickly turned the book to page 1. And then patiently waited for me to ask more.
I thought this happened by chance , but I tried the same again yesterday. Again he quickly came back to page 1.

So he wants to tell , Ask me what I know :) Smart kids ..you see :-)


  1. :D smart for sure!

    And the kids have a wonderful picture memory! Thats how they actually start learning in the beginning.

    Reminds me of Anirudh's adventures with his book of fruits! Quite similar :)

  2. Cute! And isn't it a pleasure to have finally understood what your child has been wanting to say. I remember such situations myself. Enjoy these moments sooner than later they will be over and your child will be talking and talking and talking, which is enjoyable too! Infact very much!

  3. that's my brother ! love u man :-)

  4. :)

    aryan is adorable!! please get him home soon!! :D


  5. The kids really are smarter than we think:)
    Very smart Aryan!:)

  6. smart indeed! And like ~nm and pg, I too have the same experience with Vansh. Don't all of us like to show off once in a while :)

  7. Kids find their way to communicate, na? D used to do that. If she wants me to ask her a question, she would ask that. That means, I have to ask that same thing, just as she asked back to her.
    Only mom's can understand their kids :)