23 May 2008

Army Rule

Chappo and Sho - Mumma and papa are not allowed to remain bare foot even for a second. As soon as we take off our sho(shoes) we are ordered to wear chappo (Chappals /Slippers). And wear it PROPERLY. We cannot sit , with our feet relaxing over the slippers or half the foot out of the place.

A rule is a rule - Every game has its rules. And rules should be followed. And I need not tell , who makes the rules. If Aryan is learning to jump , Mumma and Papa need to be seated on the sides of the bed, with slippers on. They cannot rest on their hands or lie down. Sit Straight. A rule is a rule. If Aryan decides that Mumma has to sit on the chair and papa on the bed while we play Throw-Catch , it has to be the same.

Finish your work in time - If the washing machine beeps , the clothes should be hanged THEN.THEN MEANS THEN.

Dress Properly - If the suit has Dupatta , wear it when you are going out. Don't carry it in hand , thinking of wearing it in the car.

Keep the House Clean - Everything has its place , keep them there.

Respond to Alarms - A reminder , a door bell or an alarm, repond quick and if its your phone , you should reply and not your spouse.

NO Means NO - I want , what I want and when I say NO , it means NO. Don't argue.

(I wonder if he was in Army in previous birth.On second thoughts he could have been my previous birth's MIL , and in that case I am luckier in this birth.)


  1. Hahah..this guy is sooo funny! I want to see him doing all this myself!!

  2. too much ho gaya yeh to!

    saluting and standing attention!! :D

  3. he he he ..tooo funny :))

  4. Aryan is just too cute and funny! :)

  5. No means No is really a problem at our household also..
    So much in common

  6. Ha..ha..hah! So cute! Lovely! That reminds of Rishab when he was so young too.

  7. wow!!! he does sound like an army colonel... remind me to bring chappo when I come to your house!!! :) too cute!!

  8. cute. Same here with the dupatta thing. It has to be worn around the neck properly, no carrying in the hand. LOL!

  9. lol .. way to go aryan bro..
    man ! ur my idol :-)

  10. A stiff salute to Aryan :) Very cute!

  11. A stiff salute to Aryan :) Very cute!