12 September 2007

Love or Hate ?

Aryan has a Love-Hate relationship with NODDY. Nope not the noddy as in the cartoon character. I usually give his toys a name and Noddy is the name of "HIT ME" dog.

Quite recently Aryan developed a special love for it.The sight of it brings a BIG BIG SMILE on his face and a spark in his eyes. He knows it by the name Noddy. And how am I so sure ? Last week Aryan was down with fever. One night at 3.00 AM , he was uneasy and woke up. To pacify him , I said , "Papa please bring Aryan's Noddy for him" and guess what the same spark in his eyes. And he was delighted when Anupam brought the toy from the other room.

And how does he play with it ? He hits it , pulls its ears, try to climb it , caresses it and kisses it on its eyes. Thats why I said Love-Hate relationship :)

Have a look :


  1. Cute!

    But I wonder what he will think when you show him the actual Noddy. He will look zonked and with a question mark on your face will think/say "No mumma..this is noddy (pointing to his Hit Me Dog!)" Hahahaha....

  2. Wow !he does seem to have a special affection to Noddy. One of these you might find him wrestling with Noddy on the floor:)Aryan is one cutie!!

  3. Hi Swati

    Aryan is a cutie!!
    will return to read more later..


  4. cute..i thought noddy was the book...

  5. I thought noddy was a soft toy... not larger than the kid :) real cute!

  6. What's up di, no new posts coming from long? How z our nanmun?

  7. Hey, if you scroll down to an ancient post of mine, you'll see the brat with the same hitme dog, which he had nicknamed fighter dog, and whom he murdered by brutally stabbing him with ballpoint pen just to watch the air escaping...

  8. Hi Swathi,

    Very much Surprised to see a blog with my Son's name and more surprised to know that he is almost the same age as of your son(Aryan)..Cool reading the blog and we have lot to share with each other...
    Aryan's Mom