29 July 2007

Where are your Hair ??

Sometime back I wrote how Aryan is busy counting my hair these days.So his target is yet not achieved.Today I tied my hair in slightly different manner , made a bun using a clutcher.

Aryan was so surprised looking at me. I took him in my lap and he peeped from left and from right. And then he looked at me with an question mark on his face , as if "Where are your hair Mumma ?" In reply, I smiled at him ...and he also smiled back and peeped again from left and then right. His expression was like .."Where the hell they are and why is she smiling ?"


  1. HAHAHAHAHA....hilarious!

    I'm trying to iamgine his face expressions :D

  2. hehehe.. you should have taken a snap...

  3. nm..The expression was a perfect mix of surprise and shock :)

    Asha..How I wish I could have clicked. Cam was not around. :(

  4. I can imagine his expression..these kids really observe us closely...last weekend I wore Saree after a very long time and for few min. Sanya's expressions were priceless..She checked me from left and right and kept smiling for few min as if she was praising me...