11 December 2007

Phone Mania

He was always fascinated with phones but recently he has developed PHONE MANIA. It goes as follows :

At the sight of a mobile phone , he shouts ..which means he wants that.
On holding the phone , he dials something and then, he climbs over his Mumma/ Papa (whoever is the easier target at the moment) and puts the phone on his/her ear. Now what .."TALK". We are supposed to talk to someone ...what if he can't tell the person's name , Mumma/Papa is supposed to know.

So we are supposed to pose as Aryan and talk on his behalf to his "Dadi" ,"Nani" ,"Dadu", "Nanu","Mamu" ,"Taiji" or Bhaiya".

If we are not lucky enough to guess who the desired listener is , in first attemt , Aryan takes the phone away, dials another number and the process is repeated again ...till we are able to guess , who does he wants to talk.

And for the record , Dadi , Nanu and Bhaiya(cousin bro) are most prefered at the listener end these days.


  1. Oh Gald that you started updating Aryan's Blog..
    He is so cute you know..The funniest part is we are supposed to know what is in his Mind?

    Lot of love dear Aryan...
    Aryans' Mom

  2. Thank YOU :) Yes I am supposed to know what he desires at any given time..otherwise I get BIG shoutings :)