13 December 2007

What to do , if he does not sleep ?

Mumma : "Aao beta , soyenge."
Aryan pays no attention.

Mumma : "Chalo ..Aryan thak gaya hai na , subah khelenge."
Pulls him to sleep next to Mumma.
Aryan finds an escape.

Mumma : "Ok then Mumma is sleeping alone.Aaaaa,aaaaa,aaaaa"
Mumma pats at her own forehead.
Aryan comes and lies down next to Mumma , Pulls Mumma's hand to his forehead.

Aryan : "Aaaaaa,aaaaa,aaaa"
Mumma : "Aaaaaa,aaaaa,aaaa"


  1. Oh boy! That was so funny and so very cute too!! :D

  2. So cute of him..These kids do the same..Easy to fool them!!!

    Aryan's Mom

  3. Thats exactly what used to happen here few months back. Now, if I try patting I get to hear - Don't pat me, I am not a baby :)