10 March 2008

Aryan Confesses

Aryan Tagged me for my crazy 8's ..its ok , let me confess :

8 Things I am passionate about:
1. Cooking , I will be a chef some day. I love to be in the kitchen and see Mumma cooking. I love to play with utensils , especially pressure cooker. And with vegetables too.
2. Washing machine , If I will not be a cook , then I will be a washer man :-P Don't laugh ..ok ?
3. My engine and my rocker and my Blue Ball
4. Water and Bath
5. My Dadi , I love her like anything. She was with me for one year. Now she lives somewhere else but I love her and miss her.
6. My Nanu and his phone call. Nanu does lot of masti. He chats with me in baby language and pampers me like anything.
7. Lift in our apartment. I wonder how it works ..Nope I will not be a Lift man.
8. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST , MY SHOES AND SOCKS ..Mumma plans to do a complete post on that ...sooner or later. I am crazy about shoes and socks , especially striped socks and my blue canvas shoes.

8 Things I do that drives My Mom crazy:
1. Asking to go out of the house , in the common area of apartment and hang around there for hours , even if Mumma is dead tired. Even if its 11.30 in the night. I don't want to miss any opportunity to go out.
2. When I cry over wearing a wet or very dirty socks for thats my favourite one.
3. When I hit , bite or scratch mumma , if she is not responding to my needs IMMEDIATELY.
4. When I want Mumma , its only Mumma and she cannot even go to loo then.
5. When I demand milk/fruits and have only one sip/bite.
6. During our outings ,when I refuse to go to Papa even if mumma is too tired to carry me for longer.
7. When I want mumma to carry me while cooking.
8. When I do not want to sleep till late in night when Mumma is too sleepy to play.

8 Things that I say often:
1. Papa : My favourite word ..so what if I call Mumma also as papa ...most of the times.You know its easy to say that.
2. Aaaaa
3. Mumm / Mumma
4. Aaaja
5. Appae
6. Aiyan : Mumma says , "Sabse Pyara Baby Kaun ??" And I say ,"Aiyan Aiyan"
7. Uuh
8. Bau bau

8 Books that I have read:
1. Animal ABC
2. Know Your Fruits
3. Number book
4. Know your Vegetables
5. Cartoon Animal Book
6. Pooh Moods book
7 My First Flip book -ABC
8. Times of India (thats not a book though)

8 songs that I listen to over and over:
1. Twinkle Twinke Little star (English rhyme)
2. Lakdi ki kathi (Masoom)
3. Haathi raja kahan chale( Hindi rhyme)
4. Johnny Johnny.. (English rhyme)
5. Two Little Hands (English rhyme)
6. Instrumental from my Piano
7. Bum Bum Bole (Taare Zameen Par)
8. Yeh Ishq hai (Jab we meet)

8 Things that makes me the person I am:
1. My Passion for cooking and my love for my socks.
2. My love for bathing /water .
3. My love for my parents. I suddenly go an kiss them for no reasons. I cry if Mumma is in pain or is crying. I get concerned when Papa is not well.
4. Anger , Mumma calls me Angry young man.
5. My smile and laugh , My mom says that its her life line.
6. Being adament about being with Mumma and doing everything with her and only her. If I am on swing , she has to sit next to me , if I am having milk , she has to be there , if I am playing with engine , she has to be there and so on...
7. The way I like to attract strangers to talk to me and the way I shy away when they do.
8. The way I like to trouble Mumma and Papa , if they are trying to apply cream or put diaper

And I tag ..



  1. Lovely. Already done it for myself. Will get brat to do so...

  2. Ahhh..the little angry young man doesn't sleep early also...Hats off to you swathi..I very understand the importance of sleep..We are in the same boat..I love to sleep and get irritated when aryan disturbs...

  3. hey, thanks for your comment on my blog :)
    this is such a cute tag

  4. Good to know more abt the little one! Doesn't like to sleep eh ... hmm make them run/jump around a LOT.

    Poor Kutie he is so tired, he tells me "cha-yee" to lets go to bed NOW! :)

  5. Hey...great 8's :) Loved reading it.


  6. That's a cute little Aryan! Although changing Rishab's diapers has become easier, putting cream on his face is still a difficult task. He is always so ticklish! One day my hubby gave me an idea to try to do it slowly, somI show him my finger and then try to do it very slowly. It works sometimes and sometimes not!